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  1. Priyanka D at | | Reply

    I really liked Gauri’s dress but there is nothing – not one thing – that stands out or one can say a good thing about in Amrita’s whole look.
    Oh I found one!! She didn’t get the tan that Gauri has!!

  2. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Something has really gone wrong with Gauri’s face. Feels sorry for her.


  3. Anonymous at | | Reply

    i m wondering how gauri got dat tan …some beach holiday !!! and ms.rao has good features…..

  4. Anonymous at | | Reply

    In the whole fame sceanario…i hope gauri’s isnt thinking that she has incarnated into the blonde, that she can pull off that overlydone tan, dripping hot pink lipstick and that awful shiny silver dress….I truly think her makeup person never showed her the mirror before she left…..any beginner level fashion person will not think of this look while gauri happily worked it to show off……gosh….gauri look at the mirror for god sake.

    Amrita is saving the pennies that she otherwise could have given to her stylist or makeup man….horrific yet again !

  5. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Shiny makeup was so 2006, it looks absolutely hideous.

    Gauri, gauri, tera kya hoga?

    Amrita, bechari Amrita

  6. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Ghor Kalyug this!


  7. the mad momma at | | Reply

    i dont know why Gauri doesnt give up on this tanned with hot pink lipstick look. she’s been bashed by a dozen critics. and yet she doesnt learn. i do like the dress though.

  8. Anonymous at | | Reply

    hey payal/pinka,
    one question for u …who bollywood actress do u admire most …1)looks wise 2)personality wise…also is Mrs.Rai Bachhaan as beautiful as rumored..i have never been to Mumbai …so i really wonder how do they luk offscreen…of course i hate Mrs.Rai giggle….

  9. sherry at | | Reply

    i think i have been unkind to mrs kahn times before on her makeup, so i’m going to let this one pass (much as its eating me on the inside!)
    its amrita’s turn instead…..looks like the makeup artist used every single cosmetic and hair product he could get his hands on, nothing spared. and what did the stylist think would go best with this look? a shiny, metallic gold, show your flaws gown. fire them all, ms rao!

  10. Anonymous at | | Reply

    As far as the make up goes…
    With Gauri…Its just the Fake tan and the bad choice of lipstick.
    I cant even begin listing out all that is wrong with Amrita…
    The bad uneven application of foundation / concealer
    Terrible skin – acne scars and break outs
    A dab of her coral/pink blush on her FOREHEAD!!!!!!!!
    Whorish blush application on the cheeks ;)
    Terrible choice of lipstick..
    Lipstick seeping out of her lips ….yukkkkkkkkkk
    Overload of lashes …yes both upper and lower lashes
    The HAIR!!
    And are those contact lenses?
    Lady, have mercy on us and get a good makeup artist or just refrain from wearing makeup.

  11. Never Mind!! at | | Reply

    Is Amrita’s dress the same as the one Sridevi wore at the Fashion week? Both Gauri and Amrita need new hairstylists and makeup persons and of course an full-length mirror right before they step out.

  12. rasagna at | | Reply

    Oh my good! Only good thing I can see in Ms Rao’s costume is that , she never gets lost in dark and we can find her easily.God! can somebody teach this woman some sense of dressing! ooof!

  13. Lyzeh at | | Reply

    gosh coloured contacts are the biggest crime. Throw them out bollywood! PLEASE!

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