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  1. Fashion With Compassion at | | Reply

    She looks good. Wonder if the shoes are Nine West Women’s Totheflo Wedge Pumps

  2. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    wow, she is so well put together

  3. sagar at | | Reply

    Shilpa looks fab – a good chic one!

  4. RS at | | Reply

    Amazing. She looks great. Just wish she’d skipped the single anklet. That’s a pet peeve of mine. Just wear them on both feet if you like them so much.

  5. Avantika at | | Reply

    Woah! I almost didn’t recognise her!

  6. S at | | Reply

    Now this is a million times better than that schoolgirl dress that she wore (not that she didn’t pull that off because she did and I disagreed with most of the comments on there) but this look is one that only she can rock this well. She’s sophisticated, classy and sexy!

  7. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    Oh Shilpa darling, how beautiful looking!
    Is that an Alexander McQueen clutch on her?

    I don’t really like the shoes, they are a let down to this otherwise rocking look!

    1. neha at | | Reply

      I agree with you Kanchanmasi…….she look very chic and the hair look super …..but she could’ve picked better shoes…..

  8. Adara at | | Reply

    She looks great. How does she maintain THAT bod. <3

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