1. nyahh.. velvet, i personally hate. Looks very tacky and reminds me of old sofas for some reason. Not exactly as lush and beautiful as some brands project it to be! Especially not on these four.. urghh.. soo much is wrong here!

  2. farah’s style has improved. this is nicer than the stuff she used to wear. it’s very hard for men to carry off velvet. should be best left to women and elton john.

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! whats wid d velvet overdose! is velvet supposed 2b hot this fall? yuckk!!!! all of em look bad. it brks my heart 2 say this but even SRK looks bad in velvet! and he also needs 2 haircut and hair gel.

  4. So i guess they all schemed and decided to show up at the same event dressed in velvet …. ..

    Urmilla’s dress is not far from wtheyyy.. but she manages to make it look sober

    Farah.. is she wearing velvet pants and the last guy who is all in velevet.. i feel really sorry for him b’coz i am only thinking how hot it gets when u r covered up in so much velvet.. and all the places where u can become sweaty!

  5. OK, I agree, I’m nuts but I still looove SRK, velvet and all!!! Actually, I’ve seen guys wear velvet smoking jackets and look real nice. Also, SRK kept velvet to only one item of his outfit, so I think that totally works.


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