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I thought Harman didn’t realllly look similar to Hrithik until I stumbled onto this picture of his. The hair, the stubble, the clothes just make him look so much like Hrithik… Kinda sucks for him, don’t it?

So now, imagine you are his stylist… What would you do to create a unique look for Harman that would separate him from Hrithik? Change of hair style, change of clothes.. or something else altogether?

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  1. I noticed the resemblance as well. Maybe it’s the hair do? Maybe he’s TRYING to look like Hrithik :P

    But mmmm… Hrithik is still hotter :P

  2. a haircut – crew cut would be nice. ooh..spikes!!! that would be a good chance for him. i think he would look good in a goatee too.

    but like previous poster, hrithik is stil hotter!!!

  3. yeah, I too think Harman is intentionally trying to look like Hrithik…esply in his new movie and all the new press photos. In his older photos he looked pretty different(different hairstyle, different dressing style) and looked like an average Punju guy. So I guess it is just a marketing ploy to get more people to mistake him for hrithik and get them to go to the theatres to watch his new movie. I’m sure he will change his style if he becomes successful.

  4. think the ploys gonna work cos when im really bored and wanna see hritik on screen id be OK seeing harman instead..
    however a crew cut and if he builds up wouldnt look bad.

  5. Hritik looks like a very refined version of pappu panju guy… however a very beautiful physical specimen, if a little vapid.

    Harman looks like your average pappu panju guy from Delhi. Not so beautiful, not so refined. Just meh!

    I hope Harman has something else to his credit… like talent perhaps to back him up, else he is going to be called the poor mans Hritik. Not very flattering.

    As a stylist I would change everything… EVERYTHING about him to avoid repeating the Hritik look.

    Another Kiran in NYC

  6. I also think Harman is really trying hard to look like Hrithik. I have never thought about the resemblance before until recently. Also he touts himself as a good dancer like Hrithik.

  7. agree with above posters…hrithik is still the man!!! hotness!

    actually @hm… past pics that i’ve seen of him…he still had the resemblance to hrithik in those pics. this is before the whle movie shooting thing.

    but yes, he should change his style…else he’ll just get tagged as the “poor man’s hrithik”
    i mean, that poor sneha ullal girl. where is she now?

    parveen was considered “poor man’s zeenat aman” back in the day from what i hear…but she ended up finally carving a name for herself. but not everyone can do that.

    the guy needs a makeover. for sure. hrithik is hot. but hehe, my friend and i realised that if u say “woh do bachchon ka baap hai”…then he doesnt “sound” hot at all! LoL

  8. I don’t think he is *trying* to look like Hrithik. Guess he is being just the way he is. Just my feeling. “Another Kiran” — I agree with “beautiful” and “refined” for Hrithik! :-)

  9. i think he looks like hrithik too.. i would change his hairstyle for sure!!!! dont know abot his dressing habits..

    never thought abt that ploy logic, it might be true!!

  10. he’s a wannabe hritik… doesnt look like the similar styling comes naturally to him.. He makes all those efforts to be like hritik..even in the movie lovestory 2050, the song milo na milo has so many similar dance moves n expressions similar to hritik’s..and then he claims that he’s so original and doesnt want to compete with anyone and we shouldnt compare him to hritik!

  11. it is obvious he is trying to ape Hrithik.

    If you look at him closely, behind all that “i wanna be hrithik” act, he actually looks like Emraan Hashmi more and nothing like hrithik.

  12. Hrithik is Pure Hotness !!

    So agree with Another Kiran , harman looks a typical pappu-punju , a cheap hrithik imitation .


  13. There’s only one Hrithik! Why would anyone try to look like a reigning superstar? Especially when one is backed by dad’s deep pockets? I’d give him a drastic makeover… a completely different hairstyle to begin with and a younger wardrobe.

  14. I feel so sorry for the guy. I have a feeling the Hrithik thing was a ploy conceived by his own people and it ended up biting him in the… Anyway, I doubt he, as a new comer, would have the confidence to do over his own look so I can imagine he’s feeling frustrated. Comparisons are perhaps good for publicity but not for ones self esteem.

    And when I first saw him I thought he looked like yuvraj [cricket guy]. Hmm.. I think it’s his smile or something.

  15. I watched the movie clips on youtube and he wore the same jacket in a song, so it’s the stylist who gave him the look. When a certain look/style is popular, we will end up spotting more. He must be inspired by many actors and one of them could be Hrithik. Anything we see stays consciously or subconsciously in our heads, so without realising he may have picked up some gestures and styles, but to him, he may be being himself, and others see altogether differently.
    A newcomer should be given a fresh new look, that defines him than be accused of copying someone else. As a stylist, I would change everything, at least for now.
    Yeah, it could be frustrating for him, like sometimes I wonder, someday, will there be anything new and different to create for designers/artists/musicians, when everything is already out there?


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