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  1. aritra at | | Reply


    She’s nailing every bit of stardom without ever stereotyping herself or being a conformist.

    This is to the most gorgeous, daring and ‘breath-of-fresh-air’ actor in the industry.

    You go girl.
    Make us more proud.

  2. A at | | Reply

    She’s looking looking fabulous

  3. D at | | Reply

    It’s great to see her on the cover of a leading magazine! She wears the look with confidence and ease. I hope to see more of her.

  4. Aust at | | Reply


    Love the outfit, love the styling, love the spunk, love the omissions.

  5. ne at | | Reply

    Oh boy. She nailed it. Love love love

  6. Hansini at | | Reply


  7. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Loved to see her on the cover. She has such a edgy image in my head.

  8. Ali at | | Reply

    Outfit looks way better on Sayani than on the model.

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