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  1. Naina at | | Reply

    What’s so wrong with Sushmita’s sari… i think it looks great. Way better than the blingy stuff out there. Pretty good colors too. Traditional is always better but Sushmita’s isn’t bad either. At all.

    1. Jyoti at | | Reply

      For one it’s not Sushmita’s sari, it’s Lara’s lol

      1. Naina at | | Reply

        Haha wow. Yeah oops!

  2. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Both look good

  3. DL at | | Reply

    I am huge fan of HHC. But must say I am rather surprised and disappointed with your comment on Lara’s saree. Fashion blog and commentary should not be restricted to appreciation of brands alone, right? Thought we are here to promote style over big names. Whats wrong if she wears a saree from anywhere, it should be more than enough for us that she looks great in it right? and yes, its far better than most blingy predictable sarees made by some of the top designers!

  4. jass at | | Reply

    what’s chabra 555 & what ‘s wrong with it?

  5. RUCHii at | | Reply

    hmmm..can’t figure whats wrong with Lara’s sari!! Knowing what Chabbra 555’s usual stuff is like..i think its a big improvement..and even without that fact, imo it is nice without either being too plain or too blingy.

  6. dn at | | Reply

    Lara’s is not bad, would have been better with smaller black embroidery, but she carries it off well. Tamanna looks great in traditional weaves.

  7. Shina at | | Reply

    Tamannah looks really pretty. Reminds me of aishwarya a little bit in this picture.

  8. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Tamannah looks like she belongs to a truly different class ! Wow.
    Lara’s saree isint bad though..

  9. Diva at | | Reply

    Lara’s saree looks like a Manish Malhotra-meets-Sabya piece!

  10. bunnybunny at | | Reply

    both look lovely!

  11. Dazzled at | | Reply

    donno wht’s so wrong with Lara’s saree….its lovely…color combination,the border…et al…seriously couldn’t figure out what’s there to write home about Tamannah’s saree….its just fine and very common…go to any party n u will spot many aunties wearing something similar…

  12. Rene at | | Reply

    Pretentious much!

  13. MataHari at | | Reply

    I really liked Lara’s saree…the only thing thats letting it down is the blouse…

  14. KJ at | | Reply

    P&P, you liked Kareena’s MM salwar with same colors but don’t like Lara’s saree? Wow biased are we?

  15. Ash at | | Reply

    I quite like Lara’s sari :) Seems simple and light

  16. AnotherKiraninnyc at | | Reply

    The showbiz women from the south drape a sari like it was a second comfortable skin. They do not look sloppy or trashy in most of the sari’s they wear. Lara’s sari is passable but the blouse and draping are horrendous. With her frame, to keep her head looking less like a bobble, Lara needs a blouse that does not emphasise the width of her shoulders. The one boob show makes everything look even more disproportionate.

    1. Aura at | | Reply

      so agree with you!

  17. Sam at | | Reply

    Lara looks fit! She’s so sexy. But I guess this is a women’s site so you’re all more worried about the fashion. From a male perspective, I think she looks mighty fine. Post more pics like that and I’m sure you’ll get more male traffic on this site.

  18. Jassi at | | Reply

    Love Laura’s sari! Tammanah’s sari is nothing to write home about. It needs ironing

  19. askdfj at | | Reply

    oh em gee…look at tamanna!!!!! no one can carry off gold color like she does..woooow!!!!!!!

  20. Lola at | | Reply

    Both look good but Tamanna takes it to a whole new level. She looks wonderful.

  21. just me at | | Reply

    Tamannah looks pretty…all that gold is a bit too much for me but she makes it work by keeping the accessories simple. And I like Lara’s sari, simple, pretty (but don’t like the blouse).

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