Sangeet and Reception Style


It was a pink suit by Shantanu-Nikhil for the sangeet and a cream/red Khara dupatta for the reception for Sania while groom Shoaib chose a white sherwani for the day and a cream one to match his bride for the reception. We wish the happy couple the very best.

More pics inside.


Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik At Sangeet(L) and Reception


Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik At Sangeet


Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik At Reception

Photo Credit: Ragalahari


    • Yeah, what’s with Indian women’s obsession with formal chappals! Too bad, she couldn’t find something from Roger Vivier or CL.

      • i dont freaking understand why are ppl hell bent on typecasting things…indian women this..indian women that…i totally believe that wen it comes to dressing up ghastly no one can top the hollywood celebs..atleast our celebs dont use cheap thrills like wardrobe malfunctions jus all the time…

        • I partly agree with you. We (Indians) dress up in a classy way generally, however this type of footwear is all too common with Indian women all over the world. Maybe because it lends itself too easily to our lifestyle but I have seen many elegant outfits ruined by these “chappals”. Small intervention is needed and Sania Mirza isn’t helping the cause. ;)

        • evething is jus not bout fashion…ceremonies esp are bout enjoying n drownin in happiness..yeh its important to dress up..but its more imp to enjoy for which you are dresin up…its up to you …to cry over a pair of sandals or feel good wid your family and friends..: D…n its so funny that this is the same site where ppl keep talking bout ” class” or being “classy” and then end up making bitter statements bout a girl whos jus got married…comeon..

        • Chocolate martini is rite why so much bitterness.
          Its her wedding she could wear whatever she want’s to and by wearing this formal indian chappals she just tried to follow hyderabadi tradition. It’s not like she can’t afford Vivier or CL

        • hmm i beg to disagree here..i am all for constructive criticism..but not on someone’s wedding day!!she anyways gets that a lot from indian media..try and take it easy on her..she looks happy n i appreciate the fact that she went the traditional way instead of wearin tacky manish malhotra sarees or whatever..congratulations to the couple!!

        • Im not saying dont critque what she’s wearing, just a little more nicely, considering that she is a bride and all. Like sp said “How mean” =)

        • I guess SS will not mind if people come up to her/him at her/his wedding or some really important day and say you look disgusting…. it’s all for fashion after all.

          • hardly the right comparison here. SS didnt go up to Sania and say this to her face, on her wedding day. She commented on a fashion blog, at least a day after the wedding reception was done, enjoyed and over with.

            Everyone needs to just chill…and take comments for what they are….just comments.

          • Cant please everyone..Im more than 110% sure ppl commented on how I looked on my wedding day….nature of onlookers….fortunately Im not related to her..or I would have made sure someone was aware.’ is she wearing this? hmm..ok..she really loves it?…guess its ok then…not sure I would pick it for her…but..its her wedding…so..’…yep..I would have said it…..

        • I totally agree SS. This is a fashion blog, and we’re supposed to comment on the fashion! That’s what this blog is all about! It’s totally possible to sincerely wish Sania the best and still criticize a horrible outfit, lol.

  1. She looks happy – Congratulation to the couple!! the maang tikka looks like it has some sentimental value – she is using it everywhere even at the earlier engagement!

      • Khada dupatta is a traditional hyderabadi outfit which basically consists of a churidaar pyjama and kurta around which a long saree length dupatta is draped so that both sides are draped over one shoulder saree style. Its very pretty and grand looking and I love her version of it. Its not too ott like some bridal ones tend to be. Don’t like her pink outfit much though and her jewelery isn’t as grand as you might expect. Isn’t that a ‘victorian’ locket set shes wearing? I’m so tierd of those, she should have gone for some big kundan numbers.

        • I agree that the Pink Jumper-Churidar is a little naive., but you have to understand that the combination of Pink + Grey is awesome. Very elegant., but its for the evening. If its evening time., its perfect. If its afternoon, its not. The inspiration comes from : Sadhana (Mere Mehboob) singing “Tere Pyaar Mein Dildaar”. Nikhil picked it up from THERE.

          As regards Khada Dupatta., its beautiful. Its one of the most beautiful dresses of India., its a blend of Kurtani (not Kurti) and Churidaar with a 6 yard dupatta. It is tied in a unique way. The Border and the Churidaar match – and the Ghunghat is of course Bridal. Even without the Ghunghat she would have looked “stunning”., but thats an addition.

          Jewelry : The jewelry she is wearing at the reception is Jadavi Lach`cha. (Jewelry for Mughal-e-Azam was made in Hyderabad). Her ear-rings are called “Antiyaan” (big baalis or rings)., and of course the BIG Teeka is classical Hyderabadi (it belongs to her grand-mother, Daadi i.e.)., and i would have ideally liked her to wear PAZEB on both her feet. Jadau Pazeb., like the one Nigar Sultana wore in Mughal-e-Azam (Aise mein jo paayal toot gayee., phir aye mere hamdam kya hoga).

          The combination of off-white and red., i guess Nikhil took his inspiration from Mughal-e-Azam again (Pyaar kiya to darna kya., off white + red combination).

          Shoaib looking great., but the Dupatta on “him” was not necessary. It robbed the classical-ity of the getup. Sania’s makeup was perfect. Inspired by Princess Niloufer’s style.

          I could decipher all of that., NIkhil.

          • Rukhsar is Rukhsar. Masha Allah, she is an authority as far as Hyderabadi culture is concerned. No doubt about it. She knows it to the root. We are very proud of Rukhsar because the way she understands it., with her family background (Nawwabi), research, scholarship, high education, and most importantly INSIGHT., she is the right person to decode and decipher., and she de-coded the schemes so rightly.

            There is a small secret. I dont mean to undermine Nikhil’s talent and expertise. He did study at LA., and he is technically qualified., but i am told that Rukhsar did advise him thru an email to have a peach khada dupatta for Sania (for the reception). The colour suggested (Peach) has Hyderabadi Historical connotations to it. This colour was the favourite colour of the mother of the Nizam VII., and he loved his mother dearly. Hence, the Nizam VII loved this colour and Princess wore it more often. The other popular colour of those times was “pink”. Rangon mein Rang., GULAABI Rang., as the Nizam’s mother had said !

            We are waiting for the day when Rukhsar will open her botique : “Rukhsar Botique”. She has a place too., but she is shy, i guess. Plus the fact that Hyderabadi people (even those who have money) do not spend money on hi-fashion. Even the rich go to Meena Bazar., buy a saree., have the blouse stitched., and thats it. There is no tradition of buying from a “botique”. Part of it is because we are basically a poor country., and that poverty resides at the back of the mind (even when money comes).

            Thank You Rukhsar for your wonderful email., and we hope and await “Rukhsar Botique” in Hyderabad. Please do it. With your huge and immense talent., why are you lying dormant. Dont be shy. (She is very shy like Sonia Gandhi was., in her early years., but a treasure-house as far as talent and understanding of historic costumes is concerned). If she enters the Bridal wear line., no one can stand a match to Rukhsar D. That much i know… and her grasp of Hydrerbadi culture is unique and un-matched. She is an authority, damn it… and at such an young age. ! Woaw.

            Thank you Rukhsar… you are MADHAV DAS of our times. By the way., if someone at “High Heel” can please dig out MADHAV DAS, who was a designer (1930-1950) in Mumbai. MADHAV DAS designed the Sarees of Princess Niloufer Khanum Sultana (d. 1989, Paris). I want to know more about MADHAV DAS.

    • Arrey Diwani. In high fashion (at its highest level)., remember this point. There should always be 1 (one) FLAW. One should never dress 100% perfectly. There should be 1 flaw. That FLAW enhances it all. Never dress perfectly head-to-toe. That is mundane. leave a gap. have a flaw. That is the reason for Sania’s Chappal… though i personally would have favoured a Saleem Shahi Joota… very light (with a small 1 1/2 inch heel).. and as i said above., with a pazeb ! But i guess, the bride wanted to keep it light and chic. The weather in Hyderabad is also extremely hot these days.. so that should have weighed.

      But remember this : My advice to you for a lifetime. Never dress up 100% perfect. Leave one flaw. Eminent flaw. That keeps you HUMAN., and not a mannequin. Samajh gayeen.

      Khuda hafiz.

  2. loved sania sangeet look….especially the mogra gajra part…it sjust rock…no accessories can be compared to that…
    In her reception loved her hairstyle…her hair look so good with that tikka…she looks simple and beautiful…glad she has not done anything over just because shez a celeb…
    its really gr8 on her part to stick to the root attitude…all her looks from wedding ,sangeet to recpetion anyone can make out shez a typical muslim bride

    • Though I agree that its nice she did the traditional way, but she could have done the traditional much better….mainly with the pink suit one.
      The red khara looks nice compared to the pink and I like how traditional the red one is. Her jewellery also looks co-ordinated on the red one.

  3. Is it bad that I like the groom’s attire more then the bride’s? And even in that I really only like the white sangeet one. Don’t like any of what Sania is wearing. At first glance I didn’t dislike the pink one so much but on closer examination it was not up to par. Me no like.

  4. I love her makeup!! She looks gorgeous on both the events.. and how cute is her husband!!! The shoes are tacky but its her wedding day so I am not going to pick on her :)

  5. m happy to c she chose tradition over fashion.. with all that media has made her go thru… no more negative comments for her please..she’s made India proud..lets not forget that.

    • While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, please give the freedom to others to have their own.

      This is a fashion blog and people have the right to appreciate and/or politely criticize her look from a fashion perspective.

      That she has made India proud and that she has gone a lot through a lot in the media is kind of irrelevant as far as her wardrobe is concerned.

    • tradition over fashion? umm, nobody’s asking her to wear the next best gown by DIOR but this is just ghastly. U can do traditional without being tacky, too…u knw! :)

    • yah i agree she chose tradition,but traditional clothes and footwears do look good.hers are tacky enough for gettin negative response.she looks wierd in the third pic

      • wow so much for fashion! we have to consider different backgrounds when critiquing fashion..a women in sports does not have the time to keep checking what’s in fashion and what’s not..this is how women dress in general in India..with those sandals and all.. and that is where she learns ‘fashion’ from..yes its diff doesn’t mean its not acceptable..

      • Just because something is traditional it doesnt always mean its a good look. And an edgy, nonconventional bride can look good too, if she gets it right. At the end of the day this is a fashion blog, its about how well people look and carry things off.

        We need to look at fashion as art, its not about tradition or morality.

        • an egdy and non conventional bride will always get it right but a traditional one will not .. cos we are not being open to accept what is considered normal bridal wear and accessories in india

    • Salacious: 1. Appealing to or stimulating sexual desire; lascivious.
      2. Lustful; bawdy.

      Are you sure you meant that word? Or maybe “luscious” was the one you were aiming for?


  6. Ok the pink suit is quite pretty as compared to the khada dupatta. The sandals HAVE TO GO!!
    She looks super uncomfortable in the khada dupatta and her hairrrrrr!! OH-MY-GOD! Like wt is that?! Her hair is sooo ruining the look in the khada dupatta outfit. She should have either straightened it or tied it up or sumthing…bad bad Sania. But she looks happy, so that saves the look!

  7. I acctually like what the groom wore especially at the reception. All the recent celebrity dulhas have turned unshaven, in colours other than white and jazzier. I acctually like his plain white yet elegant looking outfit. I like Sania’s colour (the pink and the red on both days) but what is with those outfits? I am sure the footwear had nothing to do with tradition but what is that? Despite all that she looks very pretty.

  8. She looks stunning in the Khada Dupatta. The subtle make-up and the nose ring really suit her, and i like that Nikhil-Shantanu kept the outfit nice and traditional (if it were MM, the dupatta would be velvet ofcourse!). Neck-up, she looks gorgeous even on the sangeet, though the fit of the bodice is wierd!

  9. you can choose tradition over fashion without looking tacky no ? sorry – cant stand the pink suit or the slippers – and she can afford it so its just bad taste. and really – what is a khara dupatta

    • what shoes would u wear with an Indian suit? with so many ppl criticizing these shoes..i’ve got to know what the ‘elite’ wear.. cos I see only these kinda shoes on Indian women during festivities..

      • The ‘elite’ want you to drop 50 grand+ on Choo’s or Louboutin’s. That said, you can get gorgeous shoes/sandals that go well with traditional outfits from many stores for 3 to 4 thousand also. Its just that most people choose blingy footwear to go with their blingy outfits, which is overkill!

  10. the groom looks good at both events, as to the bride, no comment on the pink outfit. I do like what she is wearing at the reception, the make up and hair extension somehow go with the outfit. she seems to be very fond of carrying a clutch.

  11. Awww a happy bride is always beautiful so she looks beautiful in my eyes. Love the couple! wish them all the best and love n happiness in their future!! i love that she looks like a muslim bride not all messed up n influenced by trendy fashion. She looks traditional and classy! The dulha looks handsome too. Being a hyderabadi myself and hating khada dupatta for so long made me loves her cuz its just that pretty!! its very easy for khada dupatta to look tacky and garish but hhers came out really nice. nehoos, mubarak to the beautiful bride and the dashing groom!

  12. Now why did she have to go to Shantanu and nikhil for her bridal wear??? I mean why?? You go to a Tarun Tahiliani or JJ or Ritu Kumar for Abu-Sandeep for bridal wear .. not S & N…
    The other day I saw her wearing a Sabyasachi .. she could have atleast gone to him … the cream/ red one is something traditional, so no comments on that but that pink outfit is such an eyesore.!!

    • I agree about the why go to Shantanu Nikhil part. They got 2 tries for Sania – both disappointing, and three tries for Shoaib – all okay-ish. Clearly, male/female bridals are not their forte.

      Somehow, I feel that overall, something is majorly off here in this wedding celebration. No one seems to be exuding that graceful/royal elegance that one would expect from a traditional Hyderabadi wedding from prestigious hyderabadi families. Look at Mr Mirza’s outfit. We can say that they are all simple people, BUT COME ON, its your daughters wedding!!!!

      Everyone …including Sania’s mom, sister, Shoaibs mom, everyone seems to be in average dressing mode. Why???
      Isnt this supposed to be a once in a lifetime thing?

      • I know someone who went to the wedding and apparantley it was a very rushed affair what with all the controversy surrounding it hence the simple outfits, lack of mehndi ect. So things were not done on the lavish grand scale that might be expected. Her previous engagment was said to have been a grander affair in comparison. Poor girl probabley had to do her own makeup by the looks of things!!

        • Wedding was a different story. I agree. They rushed it, preponed it, and so it was before the mehendi. But the reception was on the planned day. It was planned a while ago. Shoaib came to India on 2nd April. The wedding was on much before that. I know someone who didnt go to the wedding, but was trying to book the same venue for the same day…but didnt get it and was told that it was Mirza family function, at least 4 months before today.

          ..and do you know how long Shantanu Nikhil make to ‘custom’ make outfits? I dont think it was that rushed. It just looks like that to an outsider.

  13. i love that she wore such a traditional hyderabadi bridal outfit…just like it was heartwarming to see she wore her mum’s sari for the nikaah
    as for the sangeet – the suit may not be to my taste but it like its simplicity and love the gajra
    she looks beautiful

  14. She really must love her clutches….she has them in all her pics.
    I really love the way shes done her hair in the sangeet pics…so traditional. Her hair in the reception pics are OTT.

  15. I almost fainted when i saw the sangeet dress!!! those chappals!!!!! surely simple strappy golden sandals would have worked!!!!!not liking the recption look too much either tho its the best of all 3. Hubby looks better than her

  16. luv the khada dupatta… a finally a fashion statement for muslim weddings… i luv the she has tried to incorporate hyd style… the sangeet dress is a tad bit too much bling… bt wot the hell… its hr day n she cn dress the way she wants 2

  17. I know i am going to be beat for this but I still think that she looked soooooooooooo good on her earlier engagement few months back.

  18. The outfits are not bad, its just that she is a modern icon. A muslim girl playing tennis, she has inspired many girls.
    What I find a bit off is her make up. Even though she wore very traditional outfit, which I like BTW, she should have gone with modern make up, something subtle and sexy.
    I think bad make up here is the culprit.
    I don’t understand why would she go with Roger Vivier or any such shoes? What’s wrong with chappals? She is a hYdrabad girl, and chappals go with the traditional outfit.
    I like her beige/red outfit.

  19. Congratulations to the couple…now….the pink outfit is an outrage and so is the hairdo and the footwear…the reception outfit a lil better but shoes are killin me..I mean really…and the jewellery is very mismatched and just not what you would expect…her designer thought the idea of her carrying a clutch or bag with every outfit would be very ‘fashionable’…to summarize the groom steals the show…

  20. She looks lovely. I just can’t bring myself to criticize a happy bride unless she wore something truly heinous. Ok probably not even then–happy brides can be excused for a lot.

    I love her overall look in both pictures. Very traditional, Muslim, Hyderabadi and she totally makes it work. I think less makeup might have been better though. You want your inner glow to shine through on your wedding.

    • If you mean Muslim brides in the Middle East then probably not but Muslim brides in India, pakistan and Bangladesh always wear mehendi or henna. After all its more of a cultural thing.

      • Muslim brides in the middle east (Arab countries) sometimes do mehendi as well. Mehendi is a very widespread bridal tradition.

      • From my memory, henna is also a Middle Eastern thing. Recall seeing it in a doco on Egyptian brides.

        Also it used to be fairly uncommon/simple in the South (like a circle and only tops of fingers stained). Bengal had alta. But henna, especially the intricate patterns, has now got pan-Indian.

        I think henna came the other way around i.e. Middle East to India with the arrival of the Mugals but really I am no authority – my memory may be faulty.

        • Yes, henna at marriages is more a Muslim tradition than Hindu at least, at its roots. Hindu brides (also grooms) traditionally decorated their feet and hands with Aalta (not just Bengal but a large part of the north and central belt as well). It is now fashionable to have mehndi because it looks so pretty. Aalta on the other is quite messy and runny. My mum tells me that it has spoilt many of her sarees and footwear.

          • yes u r right.. henna at marriage is more muslim tradition ,as many years ago muslim women started to wear henna n set the tradition for the whole world. n it is also consider as good thing 4 women from religion aspects…

  21. pink outfit is not good at all…but the khada dupatta is lovely wish she wore it in better way and tied her hair…hair style killed the khada dupatta….jewellery is okie dokie…

  22. She looks gorgeous in the khada dupatta – love love love it. Shoab’s sherwani is very classy, at both events.
    For Sangeet, I think she looks lovely waist up, just could have gone for a tad less make-up. Love the gajra.

  23. I think there is a special wedding course, especially in India, wherein it is taught that everything including makeup is not so much to be applied as slathered and blinged on. At the end of this process (not to speak of those in charge of bridal “hair dos”), a perfectly lovely girl has been transformed into one of those virulently colored sweets with gold and silver work and for some cross cultural effect a few pastry icings are also borrowed. Sadly have seen this happen to my friends too. Looks like they have struck again here.

    That pink outfit is ummm unfortunate shall we say. Chill out folks, the level of bitchiness here would not have matched that at the wedding* itself (most weddings after all are a show and tell)

    *I don’t mean this wedding per se but that all weddings have a high degree of bitchiness amongst attendees who have an opinion on everything from the bride to the laddoos.

  24. I heard that the dupatta for the reception has Swarovski crystals worth 1.5 lakh embellished on it. Also not just the maang tikka but the entire set it the same as the one she wore for her previous engagement.

  25. True, she may have worn the same Tika and necklace (called chinktak or jadavi lacha) but these happen to be rare pieces, heirlooms from time of the Nizams. They are always uncut diamonds with large ruby or emrald droplets used in the Tika, Karan phool (chandelier earrings), Nath, Lacha, and Satlada (7 strands of pearls). In other words, if you break up with your fiance, youre gonna have to wear it again.

  26. Well she looks like a typical beautiful Indian bride and I m assuming they didnot spend on a wedding planner but put stuff together themselves. Like weddings should be to make it personal and indicative of your own style which in their case happens to be no frills and there is nothing wrong with that. Most of the weddings on this site have been film/society weddings and its no wonder that they are impeccably turned out and planned but that is not a gold standard of how ‘classy’ dressing at weddings should be. Chappals are a nice way to display all that mehndi on your feet and very comfortable too when you need to stand for hours.And that clutch is to keep the monetary gifts that ppl hand over. It s really weird that ppl have their k******s in a twist because the Mirzas dont look as glammed up as other with thier money. I mean how can ppl have money and not shove it in others faces! Sacrilege.:p

  27. ROTFL @ that pink frock!! Poor girl!! She should smack SN for that hideous outfit. The second one is better but she looks kind of stuck in that whole thing.

  28. 3 cheers for spongy!!! and guys u need to understand she is a sports star not from the glamour world..may be its the mistake of her stylist ..

  29. ok im tired after reading all the comments….nothing really matters who wore what…only important thing is having good happy memories of the wedding and having a happy life afterward….i had no idea what khara dupatta is until now coz im from pakistan n its not worn here even by the hyderabadi ppl who migrated to pakistan later on but must say its a very beautiful dress and brides should wear their traditional outfits on their weddding day same goes for ash and shilpa for thier sarees and too much of jewellary….and brides r supposed to look tacky thats the fun part. thats the only day u get to wear so much of jewellary and heavy clothes that u cant even imagine wearing later on….AND NO MATTER HOW BAD THE BRIDE LOOKS ALWAYS GIVE HER COMPLIMENTS…ITS HER BIG DAY MAKE HER FEEL SPECIAL N HAPPY…u can criticize on her for the rest of her life on wt she wears its ok…but dont attack the bride…only worst part was she should have done something with her hair with the khara dupatta maybe a braid n mogras the way she did on her sangeet

  30. can someone(Rukhsar) pls here confirm that the kahra dupatta is dyed in two colors or she made her head covered in additional red dupatta??

  31. With so much money spent she could have reigned in such classy Pakistani designer bridal wear which is wayyyyyyy better than Indian. A classic Bunto Kazmi or a Dr.Haroon or a contemporary Faraz Mannan or HSY. And she choose Shantanu Nikhil duh! Why sania why!


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