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    Any idea who her stylist is?

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    How stunning does she look…First of all the maxi is stunning…Simply adore P&N. And she has styled it so elegantly. Love the make up and the nude lips…I actually like the earrings. I think this a perfectly executed flawless look.

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    I feel that the earrings do add an understated charm to the look.. love this one..

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    Her stylist is Neeraja Kona

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    She looks good. I like the maxi too. Good enough for a press meet in the South I guess.

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      ..where otherwise they wear strategically placed leaves??

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        Brilliant!!! :)

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        Yeah, how many south India coverage do we see on this blog. That should give you the answer! Ha! If she is going to do elaborate, the look was called OTT and if she is gonna do edgy or short clothes she would have to be sending apologies to the CM. The ignorance and getting up the panties in bunches for no reason is getting pretty high on HHC. lol.

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          The only one getting her panties in a bunch here is you…

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          erm, sorry but look whose talking.

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        lol well said!

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      What’s that supposed to mean? She looks good for all press meets– whether North or South. Though she could have done away with the net neckline.

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    She looks very lovely in the gown.

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    Love! She looks amazing. Much better than her Anamika Khanna look.

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    I actually like those earings for this look

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    The earrings are about the only thing I liked. The dual neckline is so yuck.

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      I agree! The mesh detail of around the neck is so tacky. The dress would have been really classy without that extra detail

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        +1. The gown was perfect elegance without the mesh detail.

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    what flawless skin… cant get past that

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