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  1. Alesha at | | Reply

    She is a red carpet cameleon , she managed to look deferent each time. For now I like the Valentino better but hair n makeup in the saree .

  2. recheal at | | Reply

    i dont know why, i really like her . love the saree…. and love the shoe with the dress.

  3. Ritu at | | Reply

    Ugly sari….she looks pretty though.

  4. Marchmagnolia at | | Reply

    Can’t get over the stain on the right shoulder of the dress.

  5. Prep-y at | | Reply

    Actually, I like the sari. She makes the look work too..

  6. Aaadee at | | Reply

    the sari one..other one looked too dull..

  7. madhu at | | Reply

    this is interesting. every actress is starting to dress similar. now, everyone is sporting the ear cuffs, which I think looks weird and not stylish at all, everyone follows either one of the two hair styles – an updo or or side swept, and everyone is choosing offbeat designers for clothes and accessories instead of the usual manish malhotra , which was the case a few years back. at the end, everyone looks great and all look the same, except for very few like kangana, sonam and karisma who stay true to their individualistic style. rest all look the same

  8. P+ at | | Reply

    Hahhaa, lol about the ear cuff, too done now. Yes they all look the same and also want to look like clones

  9. vee at | | Reply

    Her Varun Bahl is better orchestrated, though it needs to be more obvious that the bra is not a regular bra, but a piece meant especially for the outfit. Definitely got the hairstyle right. Valentino looking good also, but studs have gotten old.

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