1. Always love to see Rahul as he is forever well suited and one of the best dressed male in Bollywood. I love this denim suit.

  2. Tired of seeing Rahul Khanna every time at GQ’s best dressed thing. Everybody gets it he is good looking, they don’t need to be reminded every year.

  3. I must say, I am not impressed with either Mr. Khanna’s choice of suit ( it looks denimy from the photo) and the boxy shoulders on Mr. Khurana.
    but then again i’m male, so I would be actually looking at the clothes :)

  4. Rahul looks delicious. I don’t care for the suit (and the shoes WITH that suit) but does it really matter when you have THAT FACE.

    Also why is he not a major Bollywood star?

    • coz we prefer over-emoting/ non-actor/ fast-approaching 50 uncles essaying characters we’d never relate to…

      Bollywood isnt there yet, to come up with a good role for a sensible, sorted (not to mention delicious-looking) man…
      or woman…


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