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  1. Varsha at | | Reply

    This outfit is so perfect.

  2. $ at | | Reply

    Damn !! somebody please tell her…bangs does not look cool !!! whole look seem disconnected

  3. Heli at | | Reply

    Am I the only one who feels that the neon heels are stark contrast to her outfit? It looks rather forceful.

  4. Tania at | | Reply

    I don’t think the jacket goes with the whole look though I understand that Bustier top alone would have been inappropriate for a college visit . She looks pretty nonetheless.

    1. Anu at | | Reply

      +1 and exactly my point… It was a tad inappropriate for a college visit.

  5. blahbum at | | Reply

    love all the pieces the individually.. but together not so much.. but this is much better than her recent appearances..

  6. Pri at | | Reply

    PC Has been hitting all the right notes on the fashion front since the last few days. First the Outhouse earcuffs, Prada sunglasses, skull print bandana, the demure saree clad look and now the neon trend.. Way to go PC. I’m loving it.

  7. amber at | | Reply

    Love the idea of the look but something feels a little off. Maybe the earrings. Still PC rocks crop tops and skirts.

    1. wtf? at | | Reply

      YES, exactly, those earrings, I want to yank them off this minute. Really like the outfit otherwise and I am no PC fan when it comes to sartorial matters

  8. suganthi at | | Reply

    I’m trying to find the “designer” aspect in the demin jacket and more so in the regular high waisted black skirt. Somebody help me

  9. LTee at | | Reply

    Edward Lalrempuia*

  10. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    If anyone can carry this off, its her! This is right up her alley though as usual I wish the hair was different, maybe even dropped the earrings…little too much of everything together.

  11. Megha at | | Reply

    such a well put together look…love the denim jacket with the high waisted skirt and the crop top. And the shoes add a great punch
    Don’t love the earrings but they don’t bother me
    overall kudos to the stylist (special mention to the hair – the ponytail makes those bangs finally work)

  12. Adara at | | Reply

    She is one of the few people in Btown who can carry a cropped top. But I am not fond of the black skirt. It’s the piece which is making the look a little disconnected. The first pic where it looks dark blue seems to look so much better and she looks pretty good in that.

    1. FashionKitty at | | Reply

      In theory that wud be too much blue..but interestingly it seemed to be working a bit better than black.

  13. Ragini at | | Reply

    love <3

  14. TD at | | Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the look

  15. FashionKitty at | | Reply

    That is crop-top done right !!! mee-aww ^..^
    the big/chunky/ugly earrings needed to go like yesterday.

  16. soniya at | | Reply

    never seen priyanka this lovely before..

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