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Priyanka threw us quite a curveball at the Shirin-Uday wedding reception in her traditional sari complete with roses in the hair. Unfortunately the sari felt rather overwhelming on her and it also needed a blouse with a not so itty-bitty strap for a more balanced look. Am not gonna pick on the make-up here though cuz I think it just was the camera flash.

She does get an A for effort!


Priyanka Chopra at Shirin Morani-Uday Singh Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. She spoiled the whole look of this bful saree with that silly blouse… Strappy blouse…REALLY!! with a bful banarasi (???) saree. And that seductress look on her face…downright cheap.

    • I really don’t understand the shaming comments about Priyanka’s ‘seductress look’. Why does a woman who shows an ounce of sensuality or is comfortable with her sexuality given degrading labels, especially by other women?

      • +10000. sensuality and sarees can go hand in hand, really, much like demureness and sarees can. some of our most gorgeous screen seductresses have done their ‘seductressing’ in sarees, wet or otherwise. it seems rather insular to imply that ‘sexy’ goes with western wear and not indian wear.
        and how is awareness of one’s sexuality cheap? more power to strong girls.

      • 100% agreed. That poor girl just has a faint smile on her face(maybe I don’t know the seductress look) and these women are calling her cheap tacky vulgar blah blah. Is this kind of derogatory attitude really needed? You could say spree is tacky,rather, saying she is cheap etc etc. how cheap is that?! Like someone said, more power to strong women like her!
        And shame on the rest of them trying to label her.

  2. Beautiful saree but the tiny blouse spoils the look. A traditional blouse would have looked good. I am not a fan of roses in hair either.

  3. Oh dear lord..that blouse, that flowe and that make-up. Reminiscent of her tacky character look in Gunday. I know it’s her mom’s saree and there’s a sentimental value attached to this look but it’s SO gaudy.

  4. If I m not wrong this must be Gaurang’s kanjeevaram . Agree wid everyone tht these blouses how ever you may think u r trying a new style do not work wid the beauty and elegance of kanjeevarams . They need more demure sophisticated elegant pairing

  5. According to her instagram, this is her mom’s Kanjeevaram saree. The saree is gorgeous but really sloppily draped and needs a more substantive blouse.

  6. Love PC, but so many things wrong with the look:
    1. Lose the roses, they are too loud with this gorgeous, heavy Kanjeevaram
    2. The itty- bitty blouse OMG, killed the entire look.
    3. The drape was so off.
    4. Even without the flash I am guessing she could have done a much better job with the makeup. She often misses the mark with her makeup, perhaps time for a new make up artist?

  7. Such a beautiful saree completely spoiled by the blouse.
    even if itsy bitsy, for me the color of the blouse is all wrong..
    wear another itsy bitsy blouse if u like but wear it in golden, off white or cream color..
    with the rose, the lips n the blouse this look is going no where..
    such an injustice to such a beautiful saree,

  8. And Rekha just filed a complaint about her wardrobe being pilfered

    Saree is just too OTT and ungly, and even madam Re can just about pull it off because that’s her style. Blouse is completely unrelated, and the make up and styling is a cut and paste from the Gundey movie

  9. Saree is gorgeous but PC does a great disservice to it by putting it together with that tacky blouse, the roses and the bright, bright lip color! Instead of allowing the saree to take center stage she overwhelmed the whole look! I do love love her jewelry!

  10. What is this? Where did she learn from to mix these colors? and the blouse ehhhh
    Learn a thing or two in wearing a sari from Sridevi and Rekha


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