1. OMG is this Ms. Chopra! She should dress like every single day… she looks so pretty and fresh faced without the layers of make up piled on. I really love her no fuss pony tail… Please please Ms. Chopra give us similar looks, I think laid back style suits you BEST!

  2. Finally a comfy chic look from her. Love the denims, different from the kind she usually wears. I love her with minimal makeup. Looking great !

  3. Um those are not distressed denims, they are Rag & Bone “Miramar” sweatpants that have a digital print to look like old jeans (have the same ones so recognized them). Look at the pocket opening vs. the print of the pocket, and the gathered ankle ends (although Rag & Bone/JEAN denims can also have those). C’mon HHC!

    • I guess you know of this cause you own a pair, but to the normal eye they look like denims :) let’s not blame HHC here :-*..I do love her look though!!, so great taste i have to add that you have :D


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