In Gauri and Nainika


It was white again for Ms. Chopra and while we don’t have pics of her from the red carpet yet, here is a pic of her that she tweeted for her fans wearing a strapless Gauri and Nainika gown. From what we see, we love!

P.S. She was styled by Ami Patel.

Priyanka Chopra at Grammy Awards 2012

Photo Credit: Twitter


  1. It’s a pretty enough dress, but it’s WAY too bridal for the Grammys. Actually, it’s way too bridal, period. The Grammys red carpet is edgier and more fun, but apparently her team didn’t get the memo.

  2. Really? That is an awful gown, completely event-inappropriate and much too bridal for the Grammys. Vera Wang meets BCBG.
    She does look like she’s upgraded her hair-piece (wig?), so points for that; but she’s still caked on the makeup like a Kardashian.

  3. P&P, have you guys started donning Chopra-tinted glasses??? This is such an inappropriate look for The Grammy’s!! Fail again Ms. Chopra!! And that goes for Ami Patel too!

  4. aw jeez not again. I always hope that she will dress good because she has a great body but for the love of god!! this girl needs a new stylist!! like seriously?? is it her wedding night?

  5. This year at the Grammy’s many stars were covered up; from Adele, Katy Perry to Carrie Underwood to Taylor Swift. I’m glad she did too! She definitely gave everyone a run for their money! I’m quite sad she didn’t make it to the red carpet but hopefully more pics of her from tonight will release! Back to this appearance, wish she added some color to her lips.

    • It’s not the covered up thing that is the issue I think people are mainly griping about the color and the “bride” effect. Had she worn a high neck crochet or lace esque dress like Scarlett Johannsen at the 2011 Oscars with a more smokey eye and tousled hair she would have looked amazing.

    • She could “leave them be”, or she could see if there’s any feedback she can use for her client’s future looks. Nobody has anything against Ami Patel. I, for one, have been impressed with a number of PC’s appearances recently, especially compared to her record of hot-messitude. If a stylist’s work indicates that she hasn’t done her research and looked at what people usually wear to the Grammys, people are going to point that out. It isn’t even the slightest bit personal.

  6. the dress is too bridal, but she looks good, I do not see her “caked makeup” , I also do not think she is wearing a hair piece, She has naturally beautiful hair. her hair is curly and looks much better when it is in waves. It should also be pointed out that when you are on the red carpet like she was in Germany, there are a lot of projectors and bright lights which makes on look white.

  7. I love the look, for the first time I can say she’s looking beautiful (rather than pretty)!!! Kudos to her sense of style for picking up this gown for Grammy’s!!!!

  8. the dress is an ivory gauri and nainika dress with silver work on it…i’ve seen it before…it only looks white because of the lighting…i think she looks very elegant and ethereal in this dress…her hair and makeup is just right and compliments her look perfectly…im glad she chose an indian designer for the grammys :)

  9. When I see white gowns and saris, I think of nurses and/or brides!! Lol. She needs to pick colours: red, salmon pinks, cobalt blues, wine….That being said, the cut of the gown suits her so at least she had on something nice-ish for the Grammys. I would love to see her footwear, which can make or break the outfit.

  10. Grammys are the one red carpet where you can go wild having fun with fashion…..
    whhyyyy whhhhyyyy play it so safe?…and badly safe?…

  11. She should have worn:

    what she wore at ‘sanjay dutt’s bash at auros’….or the zee cine awards Cavalli black gown…..or if she wanted a white look like she ended up doing, she should have worn the sari she wore at apsara awards………

  12. I was like oh, this is pretty!
    …and then I remembered the event. Sigh. Not Grammy appropriate at all!
    But she can save it for her wedding :)


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