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Priyanka attended Gucci and Equality Now’s ‘Make Equality Reality’ event in Los Angeles wearing Gucci ofcourse. As flawless as the make-up was here, those pants with that blazer looked quite off. A high-waisted, bootcut version might have made for a smarter look.

What do you think?


Priyanka Chopra at Make Equality Reality Event

Photo Credit: Zimbio


  1. The pants are a little off but it’s actually he makeup that I think is not quite right. I like the blazer thou. She looks sexy.

  2. Too many shades of black going on. Also, she had the cleavage on show, was the need to display her belly really necessary?
    Another classic example of money can’t buy class.

  3. She looks pretty good actually because PC is teeny enough to carry those pants. I don’t like the different shades of black though. Love her makeup.

  4. What ? Bootcut ? Like the one kareena was wearing ? No thank u .It looks frumpy. The pants are fine but the incessant need to show skin is what I hate about Priyanka’s look.

  5. haha ths looks like a joke, tht blazer n pants doesnt belong together..
    she doesnt need too try ths hard, more she try to look hot she fall flat on face..
    She is good as she is in her skin.. she need to realise tht.

  6. Neither Priyanka, Aishwarya or Kareena have pulled off the pants suit look. They all looked pretty bad.

    Maybe the menswear looks should be left to Deepika, Sonam and Anushka.

  7. Not sure how to explain it but that looks like ‘trying too hard cleavage’. It’s as if she forgot to wear a shirt that goes under her blazer.

  8. She looks like a Kardashian. Is that what she thinks she should look like in America?

    Those pants, those shoes and that jacket- ugh.

  9. That cleavage looks like a man’s chest somehow, probably because it is under a blazer. Some form of a shirt underneath would’ve salvaged this a bit.


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