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    What a dress! Willing to forgive the untidy pooling at the base. She looks fabulous, just perfect.

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    forget everything else…strappy heels! yay!!!!

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    OMG!!!!! :O I kept staring at the pic for a good 10 seconds!!! How rich this look is that too with an ALL velvety gown? Lord! She has got the best curves in the industry! And how beautiful this gown looks on her. How brilliantly it hugs her and highlights that bow on the waist! She deserves to walk Cannes! Such gorgeous appearances of her at Cannes will only add one more feather to her national pride cap! <3

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    I’m not a fan of the dress at all but her hair and makeup is so striking!

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    She looks great. The pooling actually looks good because of the silhouette and the way the gown falls.

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    The makeup looks ghastly, like its attempting to cover a very pasty complexion. Perhaps she is tired, she looks washed out to me. And the gown with all that velvet looks like a curtain draped on her – hideous.

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    I find the make up a bit heavy but yes, she does look striking.
    she is back and how.

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    Perfect. 10/10

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    Sorry couldn’t love it!

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    only pc can look good in velvet! So striking! I love it

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    she looks hot no doubt.

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    I m a big PC fan ,she is looking great in pics but in the video she was not looking beautiful at all. When she came into industry she used to look very tall but why does she look so short now???

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      That’s coz now we have Deepikas and Sonams and Katrinas and Anushka all of whom are 5’8″ ish or above.
      PC is 5’6″ I think which while not short, gives her a petite appearance.

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        True, back then we had Rani and Preity so she towered over them

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          Oh yeah..

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    Oh my god she looks smokin’ !! Perfect hair and makeup and that gown is so Tom Fordesque.

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    Smokin hot!!

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    Bam – she looks like a movie star!!! Loving it.

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      Hehe, she is a movie star.

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    Ankles up fabulous!

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    She looks Fabulous !!!

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    Too fab !! seriously this is the best I can remember, that too in a relatively simple gown.

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    She looks a million bucks! Love the gown – it’s different and classy. The fit of the bodice is spot on which elevates the look.

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    Would anyone know what lipstick shade that is?

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      Looks like Mac diva to me. But ingot 294 lipstick is just the same..

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    Velvet…wow. She looks stunning.

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    Love her for staying the colour she was born with. That takes a lot of self possession in a country and industry where light skin trumps everything.

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      +1. No whitening skin treatments like others. Hurray!

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    Another stunning look from Chopra! I think the pooling at the bottom actually adds to the majesty of the gown.

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    Stunning! The credit goes to Ami Patel, her stylist who must have picked out this gown.

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    Guess only piggy chips can get away by wear a shoe that’s been laced together on her

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