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    I think she looks great!!! Love the hair and the sari. Saw her on stage presenting new Miss world and runner ups their sashes and crowns.

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    Doesn’t the contestant’s gown look very similar to what PC is wearing?

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    Ok, This girl is copying Kareena so much its sad. She wore the peach and pink sari to the Iifas this year. (Kareena wore it last year to Filmfare.
    She wears this white one to miss world. and Kareena wore the same at this years Filmfare.
    Come on priyanka, this is the paparazzi age, you will be compared, and specially if its with Kareena then you know who would be bashed now dont you.

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      Umm, so anyone wearing a sari is copying Kareena now? PC hardly wears saris, she’s always in her signature style – short minidresses..! I guess she’d be copying Kareena if she had a “malfunctioning” blouse for publicity!! Ha!

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        So agree with fashionluvver!! :)

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        Uh no “fashionluvver”, my point is, she could have picked any other sari. Not the ones that are pretty much borderline what Kareena wore to those award shows. Didn’t she think twice that she would be compared to her?
        And, honestly, She can wear whatever she wants. Kareena can give any actress a run for her money.
        Also, might I add, your “malfunctioning” comment is lame.

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          well kareena an give any girl a run for her money coz shes very preety..but to an actress ..?lolzzzzzzzz…neva..has she ever acted in any movie other than jab v met..? n k kareena wore red or pink saree watevea n now if pc too likes a pink one she so shes copyin her..?wooooaa.may be pc shud be sued …gosh its hilarious that u came up wid that therory…

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            So i assume now we can write in chat room lingo! Is it ? ;)

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          Everyone and their sister is wearing these Manish Malhotra style saris! It’s not like people are copying one another, it’s just that they are wearing the same designers.

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            lol @ everyone and their sister! :P

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      my thoughts exactly! is manish malhotra out of sarees that she has to wear what he has been dressing kareena in. and that hair, OMG.

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        @Kayshika I dont think the saris are so similar that you can accuse her of copying, they are from to different dsigners.
        Please tell me you own something in your wardrobe that other people might own as well, like a zara shirt or an h&m top,or even a designer bag for that matter, in which case it does not mean you are copying that last person you saw on the street wearing it. Secondly I love that PC is wearing a saree to this event vs a dress or gown so my kudos to her on that.
        Lastly I would buy a design if i loved it even if someone else I know had it or had worn it, it all about making the clothes your own and looking good.

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    Yay for an Indian judge wearing a sari “correctly draped at Miss World! She gets my thumbs up just for that!

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      I. COMPLETELY. AGREE. I thought she was going to show up in another TIFF monstrosity. That was beyond embarrassing. She looks good although I thought her accent choice (not the accent itself) was kind of weird because I know she CAN speak with a purely american accent and was surprised she chose to speak with a bit of british indian flair…

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    The hair, the hair, THE HAIR!! Can’t look past it I’m afraid. She had a bob when she was on DPL [it wasnt great either] but why she insists on putting these stupid curly extensions in, is beyond me. They don’t even look realistic.

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      i think bob was looking nice on her..she looked smart.

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    Okay, just checked twitter, an she asked the twitterati whether she should go with curly or straight hair. I just responded now, with:
    Curly or straight doesn’t matter.. however please lose those extensions, they look too fake and ruin your look!!! :(

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      Let’s hope she reads that!

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    she looks really good

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    she lookss hott! nd freshh!

    dont think she is copying Kareena with the saris..when ever sa does wear a sari…she does a wear a MM like kareena so sariss will be similar.

    thats just like saying…kareena is coying priyanka when she is wearing short dresses! but its not..its about the occassion nd how they prefer to dress.

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      Exactly. They just have a handful of favorite designers to choose from. Which explains the “Again” section of High heel confidential..

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    Her sari does look similar to kareena’s at filmfare and Bebo looks much better over there than piryanka over here!

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    This is what I do not like about this Priyanka, she tries to be someone she is not, instead of being herself. She left the airport that morning wit short hair and evening had those bad curly girly, childish extensions. Does she think that South African viewers do not know what she really looks like and wears to events in India?…there is such thingy as web! IMO she did not give a good representation of a true blue Indian woman, it seems more fake! :-(

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      I think long hair looks good with sari’s and for a more pretty and dressed up look. Short hair is nice for casual events but I’m glad she chose the extensions.. for once I think she made the right choice.

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    hmm interesting to see a short bob with a sari – mandira has totally worked it.. would PC do it too?

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    It’s not priyanka’s fault the sari seems familiar, its mm’s who goes into a rut every few months and designs the same-ish stuff again and again…

    It’s seriously weird when people think someone’s copying someone.. celebs go to a gazillion events and while we may have a good archive reminder here at HHC I doubt they care to remember what someone did even a few weeks ago.

    I think he sari looks very very pretty and she actually did wayyy better than my expectations..

    And she’s at a pageant, half the thing there are faked anyway, fake teeth, fake hair, fake noses. I don’t think her hair take away from the look. It looks plasticy but I give her points for doing a sari so nicely.

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    She was gorgeous, and I liked the bow in the back, but the sari was typical MM fare. GAH this show annoyed me so much, and I really didn’t like the winner…or her dress :/

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    The saree is in fact designed by Suneet Verma… PC looked gorgeous but THE HAIR! I think she looked really cute in a bob.. I’m not sure if the bob and saree would’ve worked out but at least it would’ve been her own hair! This just ruined her look and came across fake and artificial (no pun intended).

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    Priynka Twittered, and the saree is nor from manish malhotra, it’s from Suneet Verma

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    Saree was SUNEET VERMA
    PC twittered about it :)))
    gosh.. poor MM was attacked for nothing..

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      I do think PC looked gorgeous !!!

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      we love attacking MM! :) hahahahahahaha

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    I dont think it’s MM the only desinger with this copy problem. PC went throug this few days before with the Bombay Times bash. She wore a dress that this other bollywood actress had worn for a TV performance. When media asked desinger she made up some story.

    I think no even the disigners are aware that other designers copy them or they copy others.

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    its actually a light pink sari for everyones info . i saw the whole program and when the host asked her qt. the pic shows white.

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    its a suneet verma saree.. see twitter..

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    On twitter, she replied to a tweet and said that the sari was a Suneet Varma creation. Kinda glad she ditched MM.

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    she looks GOOD. and way to represent by wearing a sari :D

    and now her hair..she looks best w/ longer hair..I cant imagine her wearing a sari with that new do…so its only natural she put on those extensions..have u seen anyone on miss world with short hair? she would have looked out of place..lol I can just picture it…long hair is prettier and more traditional..like my mom would say =) short hair is modern…but only works on a few ppl..def not with a sari.

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    it’s awesome that she wore a sari to an international event.

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    give her a break everyone! she looks great :)
    she’s dressed for the western media… and i showd some pics to my friends in melbourne… they couldnt stop gishing about the “fabric” and the “drape” …
    when in rome… etc etc…

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    @RaDs…uuummmmm who said we cant…?n for heavensake keep your school rules to yrself…period..

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      P&P said it long back i think it has become a unsaid protocol onthe site and that is why we apply the school rules .
      It is very annoying to read chat room lingo. Period!

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        but they certainly don mind…n if its annoyin then plz don read..i dont think it wud be very difficult for u too identify which comment has the chat lingo…u know wats anoyin..?ppl not comentin on the relevant thing rather on immaterial things..now u spoiled my mood in the mornin…

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    she looks fantastic…like a modern but traditional indian woman at the same time. dont care about the sari it’s pretty but not that hot, but what is working is how she wore it and her drapes. she looks elegant, classy and indian!!

    not like how ameesha patel would drape it….eww lets not even think about that

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    Is it just me or does anyone else think that her hair could’ve been much better ?

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