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      Yes, thank you. It’s really sleazy for a respectable national event. In the presence of the President no less. That blouse is like a bikini piece.

      Why did she have to be so desperate when she’s young, beautiful, intelligent and talented, and could have carried off even a old kanjeevaram in style?!

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    The saree itself is very pretty, but she could have paired it with a less “party-esque” blouse; a lovely updo – maybe a chignon or a loose bun – would have helped the look too.

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    while im a total sucker for white sarees.. i agree wid u on the part that it shouldve been more simpler and less revelaing on such an occassion.. also, the colour does nuin to her complexion..she needs to chnage her make up artist too..

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    She looks so tacky. You don’t meet the President of India is a sheer sari backed by a bra-blouse. Tacky beyond words.

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      I absolutely agree! Looks very tacky!

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      DITTO:) couldn’t have phrased it better

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    Oh. Dear. God.
    Fugly fugly hair, fugly OTT sari. If she absolutely HAD to wear that sari, she could have at least worn a more appropriate blouse! I mean that’s just common sense innit? That you don’t dress for the National Awards like you would for Filmfare?
    I thought Aishwarya Rai was ridiculously dressed for her Padma Shri acceptance, but PC takes the cake.
    Disclaimer: I’m no prude, but I’m just sooo sick of this filmy-OTT-blinginess and I wish B’wood folks would give it a rest at least when being awarded the country’s highest acting honor!

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    Tacky beyond belief!!!DISGUSTING. The blouse is giving me the shivers.

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    I think shes looking really nice, though its not really event appropriate dressing..

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    absolutely terrible, i cant believe she wore that in front of the president, so wrong

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      also hair extensions, extremely tacky. i am a big PC fan, usually can look past her constant fashion faux pas, but not this one

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    the contrast luks comical to me..two ladies both in saris…but with totally opposite luks…one covered from head to toe..and the other….exposing as much as possible in that attire..by the way madame president luks far more elegant in her version of sari…

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    I thought it was Suneet Varma’s…not sure though

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    Yes we know you have a great body and you are indeed very sexy but showing it off in such degraded style when you are on a national platform… not cool at all. I agree Kangna fairs far better than piggy chops

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    Feeling is mutual Payal….Sonam on behalf of her father was classy…aah…anyway PC really desreve the award….

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    P&P d fact is that there has not been a single instance in d past nor will so b in future…tht i completely completely absolutely single mindedly agree with u gurlz… PC, woman dis is national awards…do u realize its importance….u cud hav saved dis ‘SAREE” 4 sumthing more of a FILMY type function…one question 4 u priyanka if u at all happen 2 read it ‘do u find it really difficult to dress soberly 4 once?’….shame on u 4 dis 1 atleast…P&P let dis comment b shown n dont say tht u hav reules n regulations there in ur FAQs

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    omfg… thats not what you wear when meeting Mrs. President!!
    such a GARISH saree.. and blouse is even beyond words.

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    what an incredibly tasteless choice on pc’s part… she looks like the caricature of a bollywood actress. the flashy, tacky blouse, the visible extensions… the plastic tablecloth type saree… was this necessary?!

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      Agree 100%.. caricature

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    Total lack of taste! Between the lace sari and the barely-there blouse it looks more like lingerie.

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    It is an ordinary saree and the back of the blouse is real sexy. However, I don’t find it very occasion-appropriate. I would expect her to look classier and more traditional and toned down.

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    she’s got the most sexiest back :)

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        definitely…just so perfect…silky flawless skin and good shoulders. priyanka has a softness that actresses like bipasha, lara etc dont have…they are muscular while priyanka is more femenine

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          I think a lot of the actresses have nice backs.. Kareena’s is pretty flawless from what I’ve seen in movies. I think Priyanka has too much makeup on (notice the ashiness by the shoulder blade?)

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    i agree with u Payal,She should have worn more demure dress as she is with our first lady look at her back less blouse oh god .These girls will never understand the occasion’s importance and thats why they are actress which are looked at with a bad eye

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      i like wht u said sonakshi

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    can u plz explain the “aww moment” was there a wardrobe malfuncition

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    she looks like she was on her way to a page 3 party and popped into this event as an afterthought. she should have worn something more appropriate for the function.

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    i am all for freedom of choice but seriously, in spite of being sari-clad, PC’s look is SOOO inappropriate for the occasion! the see through material and the skimpy blouse should have been given a miss. whatever happened to dressing for the occasion?

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    Wow… you can act in Fashion, but can’t get fashion to act for you?

    That’s the single most inappropriate outfit I’ve seen on this site, Liz Hurley’s b**bies notwithstanding. No matter who you are, you canNOT go to the Rashtrapati Bhavan or thereabouts, dressed like you’re about to break into a mujra. Sorry. That’s just disrespect.

    Well, on the lighter side, at least some Delhi bureaucrats would have got their Bollywood paisa vasool from this!

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    The saree is beautiful, but why oh why a halter blouse at such an occasion? A nice colourful brocade blouse or gold embroidered multi-colour blouse would have been more appropriate.

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    much as i like Priyanka, I have to agree with you guys here..the saree is not too bad, but the blouse is really inappropriate for an event like this..even a more covered up dress would have been better than this halter blouse..it’s really a shame, but congratulations to her on the award!

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    this saree to take an award from our president ???? gosh …. why do dey have to show their bodies all the time??? no sense of event appropriate dressing

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    Don’t want to sound like the moral police but…
    This is a national award and she is receiving the award from the President of India so why not wear a regular blouse?Even Aishwarya wore a skimpy blouse for the Padma Shris.Why can’t they dress occassion appropriate or is it really hard to shed the ‘bollywood persona’ even when at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan ?

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    Once again another inappropriate outfit. Why does she insist on exposing even at cultural events? Really a bikini top and transparent saree and bad extensions at NA.

    Also the fabric resembles lace curtain material.

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    poor choice of sari for such a great award. A little respect would have been nice.

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    the saree is not bad, but the whole outfit is a bit too flashy/filmy for the national awards. it would have been nice if she had draped the saree at least one pleat at the shoulder for a less sheer effect, and also if she had worn a blouse that had sleeves (and maybe an open back). national awards or not, that blouse is TACKY!

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    The blouse makes the look all the more tacky!!! There shud be a stylist assigned for the national awards..pronto! though …Arjun Rampal got it right and looks delish :)

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    Yuck! And look at that blouse (or lack thereof). Totally inappropriate. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to compete with Aishwarya for the distinction of being the most inappropriately dressed (I still haven’t forgotten that chhammak chhallo sari of Aish’s). While the colour of Priyanka’s sari is less assaulting on the eyes, who the hell wears something like this to a government event? If she’s not in short tight barely-there dresses, she’s parading as many body parts as possible in a see-through sari and blouse that is essentially a piece of string with two small hankies stitched on. If she wanted to show off her toned back she should have worn an opaque sari. If she wanted to show off her curves and cleavage she should have worn a normal blouse rather than a backless one. I, personally, would have ditched the skin show altogether and worn a traditional weave.

    And decency aside, I’m even liking the sari itself. The white embroidery looks like fungus.

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    Sorry that last line should read “I’m NOT even liking the sari itself”. Evidently my eyes are still recovering from such a ghastly sight.

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    TACKY checklist:
    blouse: check
    hair extensions: check
    see thru sari: check

    ugh pratibha patil looks better than this high-fashion model!

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    Look at me Madam President… I am Priyanka Chopra… I have a smokin’ body which is clearly better than yours… So I am gonna flaunt it by wearing a see through saree and a bra blouse… It has been designed by my best frand Manish Malhotra- who specializes in tacky clothes… (In the 3rd pic) I am so proud of my fashion sense that I will stand with my chest popping out… (In the fourth pic) Hey you camera people, I am gonna pull my fake hair extensions to the front so that you can take a good look at the jewelry piece on my bare back.. An out of work bar dancer in Mumbai loaned it to Manish specially for the award ceremony, you know!
    Tacky, tacky, tacky!

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      Lough Out Loud

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      Couldn’t have put it in better words!!
      It’s tacky to say the least.. I thought nothing could beat her Toronto film festival disaster.. but this beat that as well!!

      Dear PC, we know you are super sexy, but there’s nothing wrong with looking ELEGANT as well, for a change!!
      There’s a reason these kind of sarees are called cocktail/party-wear sarees. Clearly you don’t know that.. and neither do people around you!!

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        omg please never mention the TIFF disaster again.. I get nightmares.

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    Come on PC! Of all the outfits in the world that you could pick from you went with this? Really? It’s sad. It screams tacky!

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    The blouse is just disastrous and in very poor taste. Priyanka could have done better than this.

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    unbelievably trampy blouse! so not appropriate for any kind of public wear.
    sari is ok.

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    Its not occasion appropriate saree.

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    hi HHC! It was great meeting you at Resort LFW 2010!

    The ugly sari is Neeta Lulla. I suspect as my friend from Gaurav Gupta was hoping she would choose one of GG’s gorgeous creations, but her (blind) stylist chose neeta lulla. what a waste of an opportunity and fit body!

    Hope to bump into you again!! We will critique more shows together :P

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    It looks like a bikinitop.

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    I like the saree but the blouse kinnda ruins it.

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    The saree is beautiful except for the design of the blouse paired with the saree.

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    Ugh! cover urself up once in a while!! We know u have a great body but come on! Look at the Oscars, most of actresses dressed so nicelyand covered up in the right places – Kate Winslet, JLO, Sandra bullock (divine!!!), Penelope Cruz, SJP, the list goes on. Im sick of Bollywood women dressing badly. Sharam n haya doesn’t exist there anymore! So sad!

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    I think she looks lovely. The blouse is an unusual sky blue not often seen on saris. I don’t feel that this is inappropriate- it’s a sari, after all. She is a Bollywood actress, and looks the part. You can’t deny that a large part of her job description is the glamour and the beauty. How is an actress receiving an award from a government official different from a beauty pageant contestant wearing a bikini and representing her country?

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      Difference – She isn’t getting points for a banging body here.

      Even the girl who wins the swimsuit round does not parade around in a bikini just because that got her recognition.

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      Wow your logic is pretty warped. It IS very different. Why do you not go to work in a mini skirt? Why do you make sure it is knee length? lts because it is a conservative environment and DECORUM is in order.

      I guess according to your argument it would have been fine if she had accepted the award in a bikini…and I guess since her job is to personify glamour and beauty she might as well attend funerals in bikinis….get the point?

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      I think what Shipa is trying to say is that sure, she could have dressed more demure but she is just representing the glitz and glamor of the industry she is in. I mean, if the President were invited to a typical Bollywood Page 3 party would all of you laud her for wearing a saree? No. But if Priyanka Chopra wore a silk saree to one of those parties all of you would be like ‘her clothes are not event appropriate’. So really, give the woman a break.

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    agree with all the “tacky” comments – also, HATE hate hate the pale blue shade of blouse & petticoat.. This belongs to a WTHEYY for the sheer inappropriateness. did she think she was going to a nightclub.

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    Dostana, Fashion or the Rashtrapati Bhavan, why shouldn’t she flaunt what she’s clearly got? Its not like the people present at the occassion haven’t seen all the goods before! I say she should have gone dresses in character…maybe the black leather mini from Fashion or the gold bikini from Dostana? She’s shown those old fuddy-duddies in the government what she’s made of. After all, wouldnt it be hypocrisy to go dressed as a sati-savitri when she’s a bad-ass chick in real life? Su*k it Ms. Patil…I’m P Chopra…deal with it!

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        I dont believe I would like her to dress as a sati savitri coz shes clearly not that..why does it have to be extremes? its either Sati savitri or cheap and vulgar? Is there no in between? Why did she have to embarass the President like that?

        1. Amber at | | Reply

          I don’t think she embarassed the President (she probably took a good look at PC and smirked), she only embarassed her own self and her taste.

          Since when is wearing a proper sari equivalent to being sati savitri? So just because you’re a bollywood actress wearing bikinis and short skirts in your movies, you should totally avoid covering yourself up? And show up everywhere skimpily dressed? Okay so this is National Awards, should she just be going to peoples’ homes in a bikini from Dostana, or how about someone’s funeral? I suppose wearing a white kurta churidar/shalwar will make her look like a sati savitri so hey, let’s just show up in my gold bikini.

    2. I am Fashion at | | Reply

      I think Natasha is being funny (I hope so)!

      1. NitashaJ at | | Reply

        Guys, i was kidding! Notice the sarcasm in my tone?

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    Im sure her mom was out of town..or she would have got the ‘are you seriously going to wear this to go see the president of India??? koi accha salwar kameez peheno ya acchi sari and decent blouse’……

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    i like how the sari looks against her skin, but wish she had worn a less blingy, bollywood-esque blouse for something a bit more sophisticated and covered up.

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    Very poor choice for the National Awards. She should have stuck to either a traditional sari with a simple blouse or as you suggested a demure outfit in interesting colors.
    Her hair I will forgive she might be in the midst of a movie and removing the extensions may not be entirely convenient if thei y are the glue on variety that are often used.
    Lastly this sari I am sorry to say is plain hideous.
    Congrats PC.

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    I see a couple of references to Aishwarya’s sari at the Padma Shri. I don’t recall that being inappropriate?? Madhuri wore something similar to her award too.

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    2. dn at | | Reply

      Madhuri covered up quite gracefully for the award. Yes, the saree was not something many of us would select, but she was not inappropriately dressed!!!

      1. May at | | Reply

        I agree… Ash was very much elegant.. I dont und why it was bad….
        and for people who r supporting PC, must say ur quite “open” minded…. atleast im not ! :-) ….
        this female has no elegance at all…..

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    Yikes – Aishwarya’s chamak challo looks so much better in comparison. Dont these starlets have any sense of dressing event appropriate?

  54. FashionFaff at | | Reply

    It could be a lot worse. Like the white nangu-pangu sari from the Toronto Film Festival?

  55. Shweta at | | Reply

    wondering what made her wear this glitzy saree…totally ludicrous!! Totally incongruous…

  56. paYal at | | Reply

    gross bleh

  57. a at | | Reply

    This girl’s main goal in life seems to be to flaunt her body. She should get the national award for “least dressed”.

    (I am a little bitter because SRK seems to be crushing on her big time).

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    Inappropriate for the occasion totally… where is her stylist??? What were they thinking??

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    Now a sabyasachi sari/anarkali would be so appropriate for such an occasion…but no, she turns up in this hideous piece of work…the colour of the blouse is a complete mismatch with the colour of the sari, and the back is just plain bar-dancer-esque
    well, i guess we just need to thank the lord she didnt turn up in one of her infamous itsy bitsy super tight TINY numbers!

    1. Soho at | | Reply

      you bet! we should all be glad she did’nt turn up in one of those :)

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    I so agree with Payal. It’s so important to dress occassion-appropriate. The National Awards do require some ‘respect’ (for lack of a better word) in dressing. And PC severely disappoints in that aspect :(

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    the truly beautiful woman in that pic is president patil. the other one looks shameful. she ruined the pic.

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  62. Nick at | | Reply

    My thoughts include… why did she wear that? what the President felt that night? and Fashion wasn’t really all that I thought it would be.

  63. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Her one and only chance to dress pure regal classic elegance !!

    After all how often does one get a chance to dress like that ??? How often does one meet the president of India ?? (Ok, its not APJ, but still)

    Totally wasted on this saree and a boxy hairdo which makes me say it looks like Bal Ki Dukan !

    Any other event, the saree and blouse might have fit perfectly for a star. But not here. Not now.

  64. sania chaudhri at | | Reply

    very inappropriate for a national award!Her hair is too puffy,her ext dont match as theyre a different texture and much darker,her blouse is like a cheap ann summers top!
    HOW UNFORTUNATE,how tacky!

  65. Flaneur at | | Reply

    this is so expected from Ms Chopra that I dont know why i am even bothering to comment….also is it me or is she just always bursting at the seams…her dresses,tops,blouses…

    i think she has just needs to take it a lil easy….

    n yes did i say how grossly undeserved the award was…but that argument is for another forum…

  66. Shays at | | Reply

    Those extensions can be spotted a mile away- its like they just tacked them on the back of her head after taking them out of the bag…
    Should have gone for a classier look- it is textbook film party, esp that strappy blouse

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    The “Nangu-Pangu saree” comment absolutely made my day! Hahahaha! Couldn’t agree more with all the gals and P&P. A Sabysachi creation (such as one of the many seen on the ravishing VB who has clearly shown that one can look effortlessly beautiful without displaying an inordinate amount of skin) would have worked wonders rather than this atrocious and completely inappropriate piece of garment …

  68. Ayesha at | | Reply

    All in all,the sari is a big no no for these awards.how could she wear the sleazy blouse with it and priyanka in this attire reminded me of her movie ‘andaaz’ :p google on it,ull c!LOL

  69. Ayesha at | | Reply

    I meant *this sari

  70. Roni at | | Reply

    What a display of modern vs traditional way of wearing saris…and all in one frame.

    Agree with majority that the way PC wore her sari was not event appropriate at all. Yeah she has incredible body and skin to show off but some respect and understanding from her of this event and what it means to her would have been better appreciated if she presented her self in a appropriate attire (or the way she wore the attire).

    It seems that she dressed to prove what she really got an award for (not that I doubt her acting skills).

  71. Kiwi at | | Reply

    The saree is nice, nothing great but nice.. she looks fine.. the hair extensions are not great but not absolutely tacky either.. I am quite amazed by the comments.. she is a glamorous star.. she is picking up an award.. yes the blouse could have been more normal.. but does not look as cheap as eveyone is making it out to be

  72. Sud at | | Reply

    so much has been said already that i am out of words, err expletives to describe priyanka’s so called ‘look’… atrocious sari, bra, hair n make up… someone buy her a mirror please; at least she can see that she is not looking good…

    its too late anyway to make her realize what looks good on her n what doesn’t… not her fault actually… she had a problem with her dressing ‘sense’ from the boobs popping miss world gown days. so cant expect anything better from her…

  73. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I still cant get over the fact that she practically wore a bra and a transparent sari to meet the president of India.
    Aishwarya wore blingy chamki saree for her padmasree but atleast it was well covered up. Madhuri was the best dressed of the 3.
    But would so love Vidya Balan”s sabyasachi sarees for this occassion. Wish she wld get the next padmashree simply because i know she will dress appropriately. She is a classic beauty.

  74. PennyLane at | | Reply

    Small town girl ;)

  75. WTF at | | Reply

    I am no fan of Vidya Balan, though i would say that PC could have borrowed a nice Sabyasachi saree from her. Just for a day

  76. Neha at | | Reply

    Pathetic nd disgusting
    It’s Neeta Lulla sari which she chose herself as said by her in an interview….

  77. akaa at | | Reply

    Ok .. please someone .. just post the link to this page to PC..via twitter or whatever .. she just needs to know all this!!
    The girl is in need of help… we have to tell her that her stylist is ganging up against her.. that’s why she’s probably put into one hideous attire after another!!

  78. Gossipgirl at | | Reply

    good god! after Ash, and now this joke of a saree, maybe its time they set a dress code for government awards and functions. i mean, you cannot possibly think its decent to walk up before dignitaries wearing an excuse for a blouse! this is just repulsive. the least she couldve done is covered up…absolutely crass…

  79. Sim at | | Reply

    That is what I use to admire about Madhuri, Sri Devi etc that even for Filmfare they would show up in a traditional silk Saree (when they use to accept awards) as a role model. PC would have made for great change by wearing a traditional silk or even cotten (like Nadita Das). Dying to see her in one may be she will for a movie.

  80. sony at | | Reply

    Dont know why…but most comments are comparing her to ASH at padmashri…???? Ash was much more appropriately dressed than this thing that PC is wearing….in fact I didnt find anything wrong with ash’s sari…where as here I can pinpoint 101 things that have gone wrong.

  81. probster at | | Reply

    would have lurvveeeed to see her in a kancheevaram or banarsi silk. Traditional jewellery and gajras on the hair….SIGH!!! If that was too non-designer for her, atleast a sabyasachi…that’s designer, no?

  82. lazyU at | | Reply

    I kind of like the colour and how it contrasts with her skin tone..

  83. sonia at | | Reply

    if this is what she wears at such a formal event, i wonder what she wears to a club or for a hot date!

  84. Pri at | | Reply

    Umm I REALLY don’t think President Patil really cared about what Priyanka wore or didn’t wear, as for her Sari and blouse choices, sure they could have been more demure but she is just representing the glitz and glamor of the industry she is in. I mean, if the President were invited to a typical Bollywood Page 3 party would all of you laud her for wearing a saree? No. But if Priyanka Chopra wore a silk saree to one of those parties all of you would be like ‘her clothes are event appropriate’. So really, give the woman a break.

  85. Pri at | | Reply

    In the last sentence I meant to say *her clothes are NOT event appropriate’.

  86. Sanjana at | | Reply

    The color doesn’t suit her skin tone…And its not at all appropriate for the occasion.Wish she had gone the ‘classy and elegant’ route rather than ‘filmy ‘.

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