1. Parineeti in casuals always looks very endearingly relatable. Do I spy folded sleeves? I do all the time, myself :)
    Love both the denims.

  2. This is just unfair! You have placed a regular mortal next to Priyanka-legs-Chopra :)

    All the same this cut of denims looks unflattering on Parineeti ONLY cos she is standing next to PC and its a side view! She should wear trouser cuts or something with a straight leg.

    Note to self: Never get photographed next to a celebrity!

    • Lol!
      I think Parineeti´s style will improove as she grows in confidence & ease @ the celebrity thing. It took Priyanka years to achieve the effortless chic look, so there is hope! :)
      That said, there is something adorable about the youngest Chopra… they are Sexy & Cute

  3. thats so true swati! i’ve parineeti kinda legs n always had hard time how to pull off this look ..but i get where she comes from… even a regular mortal wants to wear that pair of jeans u know:(

  4. Now, I know why guys like Priyanka a lot. Lol! I just never thought about her in that way. She has the body and everything but Parineeti is cute and I wouldn’t change a thing about her.


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