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  1. pixiedgr8 at | | Reply

    faboosh….this pair is definately yummmy….it just reeks great design

  2. pdaervo at | | Reply

    agreed, HOT (!) shoes!!!!
    They almost make up for everythig else

  3. Megha at | | Reply

    those shoes are H-O-T!
    though i dont like the velvet jacket – i love that she has kept everything simple and monochromatic to really let the shoes talk
    cuz boy those shoes really do talk!!!

  4. Roni at | | Reply

    wow sexy heels…………but that velvet jacket is an eyesore.

  5. chic chick at | | Reply

    aww…I love preity…will forgive her velvet jacket and all, probably just been hanging out with the bachchans too much…I dont see anything wrong with being inspired, I mean atleast bwood stars choose their own clothes unlike h’wood where they have a stylist do it for them…I mean sure b’wood gets it wrong sometimes, but they keep it real and each celeb has their own personal style which is what matters.
    Coming back to topic, LOVE LOVE the choos!!

  6. Pri at | | Reply

    I like those shoes on her .. preity zinta looks nice except I wish I could see her dress and jacket clearly I can’t tell from this angle.

  7. suchi at | | Reply

    wow she isworking those shoes!

  8. K at | | Reply

    she looks good i like that she rarely wears accessories and doesnt overdo (almost all of btown) anything like most actresses but she doesnt look boring like some others (aishwarya rai sometimes, cant think of anyone else atm and not going to waste time thinking)

  9. FASHION_CRAZY at | | Reply

    The lady has got ONE HOT PAIR OF LEGS…LOL!!
    and the shoes make it a definite eye candy…
    The velvet jacket is a different story though !!!!!

  10. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    Hot shoes! But tell me how on earth do you walk in those heels? I have tried wearing such heels and all I feel is PAIN!

  11. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    i’m absolutely drooling over the shoes…..!!!! they are hotttt!! love her look!

  12. mj at | | Reply

    lustign after those shoes!! she really works the look- sure the jacket is godawful. but preity is excused the occassional gaffe because she really is truly the most stylish and put together of all the other actresses…and she is never over the top..ever!! loooooove her style!!

  13. kaya at | | Reply

    Agree with Pdaervo.

    She’s beautiful and her smile adds so much to her overall appearance, I wish she’s smile more nowadays … :/

  14. kaya at | | Reply


  15. K at | | Reply

    @ “K” — Ummm…. did you just just hijack my screen name on here? I’m the original one! yeeesh!

  16. viz at | | Reply

    amazing pair of shoes..preity looks great. somehow don’t mind the velvet jacket on her but then maybe i am biased

  17. Nick at | | Reply

    This shoes are something… fab. She was looking haggard for a while but her hair and makeup looks so much better. Is she still partnered or single?

  18. silveranklets at | | Reply

    <3 those shoes!

  19. priya at | | Reply

    OMG! Those shoes are AMAZING.

  20. stuti at | | Reply

    My heart is crying for those shoes. :(
    But woohhoo, Preity has such an amazing body! Totally wish the velvet jacket was skipped though. :/

  21. luna at | | Reply

    What an amazing shoes
    Preity has a fab leg:)

  22. Carol at | | Reply

    Those are killer shoes and Preity has great legs. But the shoes are worn with the wrong outfit.

    She looks good after her vacation.

  23. Adit at | | Reply

    LUCKY LUCKY GIRL….what lovely shoes…and yes she looks great. Looking hot is the best revenge for a break up. good for her.

  24. K at | | Reply

    Payal & Priyanka – Can’t you guys verify and make sure that someone else does not take our screen names? Afterall you have the our email address……

  25. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I do not like the shoes but agree that Preity rocks les chaussures—kudos to her!

  26. jaja at | | Reply

    @Nick: it is Her personal life; if there is something to tell, she will tell (her words)

    very goodlooking! like herself.

    in my opinion this is a woman, girls and boys can look up to.
    she is wise, intelligent (,probably very loving) and knows exactly what is going on in the world around her. and for those reasons she always (and always will be looking/) looks beautiful to me. her personality can handle al kind of different clothes, which doesn’t mean she will wear them all.

  27. debs at | | Reply

    I am completely biased. I love preity….she is the most put together person in bollywood. always understated and super chic.
    those shoes…i want those shoes. i may not be able to walk in them…but ill just look and feel happy everyday.

  28. Aly at | | Reply

    Priety’s looking tipsy to me. lol.

  29. Marya at | | Reply

    Love it..I like how shes chosen all black but has played with textures and the orange pops against all the black, making us look straight at the shoes that are afterall the star of the outfit.

  30. K at | | Reply

    @ the second ‘K’
    LOL no it was my screen name first !

  31. ramizi at | | Reply

    how many different ways can you say hot right?! the shoes are to die for…I really dont mind the jacket…it’s a nice retro look to complement the choos…BUT, wish her hair color didnt have that orange tint to match the shoes!

  32. keya at | | Reply

    Preity preity preity… I love your shoes…
    the girl always look classy and sophisticated..
    n I agree with someone above that “she rarely wears accessories and doesnt overdo and still does not look boring”

  33. MD at | | Reply

    HHC Fan, that’s my question too !!…….so will somebody answer,maybe Payal and Priyanka will

  34. sony at | | Reply

    OMG…so pretty I want those JC’s

  35. Kimmy at | | Reply

    *stares down at infinitely inferior ragged Converse*

    sigh. I need a sugar daddy. lol! jk ;)

  36. odina at | | Reply

    the shoes look good coz they are on preity’s!!!

  37. K at | | Reply

    @ ‘K’ – I’ve been posting on this site for over a year now. I’ve never seen any other ‘K’ around here until now. Payal and Priyanka, please check the email and sort this out LOL…

  38. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    The shoes are SERIOUSLY to die for! <3 <3 <3 <3
    I want *cries*
    Anyway, don’t really like what she’s wearing but me love how the model’s been dressed up!

  39. K at | | Reply

    @ Payal – WOW… I was expecting to hear a little more mature ‘policy’ than that! So if I start calling myself “Payal (HHC)” from now on, I guess you cannot/shouldn’t restrict that either? I’m sorry, but if some random person, or 2-4 more, start taking the regular posters’ IDs on here, then why do you guys even require our email IDs? Technically you should not approving comments from people, especially if they’re new, when they take user IDs of older posters!

  40. K at | | Reply

    k i love those shoes

  41. Pri at | | Reply

    @ K
    Your username ‘K’ isn’t distinctive like some of the other usual commentors such as ‘pdaervo’ or ‘peachbelly’ .. there are more than 2 to 3 ‘Pri’s’ here but do you see me complaining? That’s the name that was given to us. I’m sure there are other women with the intial ‘K’. PnP’s policy makes sense they can’t keep monitoring things like ids and nicknames, they already have to keep scanning the comments, this isn’t their day job!!

  42. ad at | | Reply

    At K- you dont have a “unique” name- K is hardly unique. And how are other posters to know that you are the only “K” around here? Lastly how are Payal and Priyanka to know which is the original K posting, its hardly their business to sit and match the hundreds of email IDs with names. Dont be ridiculous.

  43. Anonms at | | Reply

    Come on girls, I am sure P & P can’t remember everyone’s id and their respective emails and make sure nobody steals other people’s ids. Just come up with a different id and let it go already!

  44. Anonms at | | Reply

    The heels are hot and so are Preity’s legs!

  45. K at | | Reply

    @ Pr and ad – Right, I understand my ID isn’t very unique. But you two don’t have to be so bitchy, thank you. I have been around for a while so P&P surely can recognize my email ID with my user name. What’s the point of even having our email IDs then? There are rules and policies in this blog, I understand, and Payal/Priyanka don’t have time to sort out user IDs all day. But this isn’t about 100 K’s and trying to determine the ‘original’ one – right now, it’s two people with the same ID. That’s it – not that hard. ;) I feel this is a little ridiculous because I’ve been a regular over here and P&P can not even sort out a relatively simple issue. So much for appreciating the people who have been avid readers….

  46. K at | | Reply

    @ Payal – that’s fine, I understand. from now, I’ll just use my full name, Kunoor, when posting.

  47. emem at | | Reply

    did i say the shoes are rocking! i would break my knee wearing them and walking though! but I HEART these shoes.. havent had that feeling of love in a while..

  48. pj at | | Reply

    wow.. loev the shoes..

  49. K at | | Reply

    Lol @ the ‘k’ fight sorry 2 cause it! Luuuuurrve the shoess!!!

  50. chiku at | | Reply

    i think recently on dus ka dum, kangna also wore d same shoes…
    but a little diff version……

  51. renee009 at | | Reply

    preity has super sexy legs…n she’s in perfect shape….da shoes accentuate her beauty….jc shoes r really xtraordinary n xpensive too…aaah da lives of da rich n famous…..

  52. Antonia at | | Reply

    I can’t stop drooling over these shoes

  53. farzana at | | Reply

    OMG….amazing shoes….simply outstanding…..I so wish I had them….sigh!

  54. ananya_s at | | Reply

    love love love everthing abt dis look…sparing d velvet jacket..bt dose heels…i’d kill 2 hav themmm…………………….grt legs…..she’s lookin perrfct…

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