In Gucci


Looking fabulous in a Gucci dress with grey ankle-strap sandals, Preity accepted her “Diamanti al Cinema” award tonight at the 2011 Venice Film Festival’s Premio Kineo Ceremony.

Wish we also had a pic of her from the red carpet yesterday. Hopefully some of you can find us one. :P

Preity Zinta at Premio Kineo Ceremony at Venice Film Festival 2011

Photo Credit: Wireimage


  1. she look fab so refreshing to see her in another color than black and red .. i belive her shoes are chimmy choo i think she wear smillar one in Kambakkht ishq party it was orange and black shoes

  2. Always been a favourite of mine. Supremely stylish and one of the few ladies from Bollywood who carries herself well on an international platform

  3. Elegant! – can anyone update about the price of the dress and what brand’s shoes are those? and price for them
    she is wearing really classy ones!

  4. Wow shez looking gorgeous !Love the neckline of the dress ! Btw, still waiting for her red carpet dress.. Saw the twitter pic of her back :| posted by her.. She was in Red.. looked sexy from behind though !! :)

  5. fantastic look! the dress is fabulous and full marks to PZ for keeping the look PERFECT by not accessorizing it too much a la our bling loving Ms. Shetty and Ms. Kapoor ;) this look is superb!!

  6. Gorgeous to the hilt!! Couldn’t have been better than this…
    Preity is one of the few women who have inner flair to carry themselves with grace, sophistication and elegance!!
    Some people are just born with refined taste I must say!! Kudos Preity you’ve done it again…:)

  7. thank god she ditched those tacky colored contacts! looks fabulous in this understated look. she looks like rani mukherjee in the middle pic

  8. hey PnP, why is my comment not approved? i ask u coz i love ur blog n visit it almost everyday….and i’d like to continue to comment…..

  9. She is looking good… she’s got syle.. Am I the one one to find her face looking a bit weird esp in the 1st snap.. Does not look like Preity

  10. I always loved preity’s style…she might not be as stylish as sonam(whom I love too) but she has her own unique style which makes her look fresh and young…

    LOVE HER LOOK…love the makeup,hair,necklaces…dress and THOSE SHOES….I WAAAANNTT!!


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