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    She does look really nice. I like her here more than her appearance at the other Diwali bash but you’re right about the make up. In fact, Prachi’s makeup used to be so perfectly flawless & very natural just a couple of years ago! Change in makeup artist certainly hasnt worked for her!

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    Good…actually much better than Anamika Khanna outfits for the Kapoor family.

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    I loveeeee this look! SO elegant and sophisticated. The make-up is just fine. We’ve seen other major A-listers fare worse. She looks so clean, natural and fresh.

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    She still looks pretty – Love !

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    On the contrary I think it’s too much highlighter. But hey, she glows! (no pun intended). I like the outfit too!

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    Her skin!!!! **love**
    she looks Lovely!

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    she looks stunning.

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    Very pretty.

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