Deepika on Harper’s: (Un)Covered


Harper’s delights us with two covers featuring Deepika for their collector’s issue and wants you to let them know, which pic do you prefer!

Click Here to take their poll! We, personally, are loving the Anamika pic.

Left: In Gucci
Right: In Anamika Khanna & Rajesh Pratap Singh

Left: Gucci, Fall 2011
Right: Anamika Khanna, Fall 2011

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar India


  1. can i say none?? even though i very much like the rajesh jacket(the green fabric esp.) the holes make her look homelessy!? The other one’s just meh

  2. AK/RPS. I am not a fan of the huge flowers on each and every gucci dress this season. I like outfits that can be worn on more than one occasion, and the flowers totally overtake the whole outfit. By the way, I hate the dress even without the flowers. Love the necklace with the AK/RPS outfit.

  3. I am sorry to say this, but neither picture captures the her beauty. It makes her look quite odd, and the second picture reminds me a little of Helena B Carter.

  4. I am not a fan of either outfit but definitely like the Anamika picture more. Neck up Deepika looks amazing in that picture. Reminds me of a younger Helena Bonham Carter.

  5. Wow!!! She almost doesnt look like herself thanks to the skin being lighter…as someone said above…donn understand why they need to keep doing that. But she looks pretty edgy in both pics…donn like either of the clothes much but the styling is pretty cool


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