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  1. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks tacky. I always feels she wears a knockoff. Yeah yeah it won’t matter to her. If nothing matters to anyone, why even run a blog and we comment on it. :P

  2. SD at | | Reply

    Sorry patralekha, the moment you sign up to be a public face, it becomes everyone’s business. Be a sport and take criticism constructively. And p and p…I might sometimes not agree with you guys( esp when it comes to sonam kapoor wink wink;) but I start my day s coffee with your blog so pl keep doing what you guys are doing.

    1. sheni at | | Reply

      exactly, be a sport.

  3. Dee at | | Reply

    *Dismisses the comment with a wave of the hand* Well, you guys are doing a fabulous job. It matters to us! Keep going, P&P.

  4. frm pdx at | | Reply

    I think the bangs and the heavy shoe throws the whole thing off.

  5. Fashion4pas at | | Reply

    Pffft. Didn’t even know who she was until she featured in your blog. The look is fine, nothing great.

  6. Ashes of Roses at | | Reply

    Like someone above pointed out, a lot of us got to know she existed through your blog. Ignore!

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