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  1. s at | | Reply

    I actually can’t see anything!! Looked fine at a glance

  2. Nidhi at | | Reply

    Oh – My – God!

  3. ash at | | Reply

    oh dear! Trying a bit too hard I think!!

  4. charan at | | Reply

    LOL, the carefully placed lining to cover the boob area isnt wide enough for anyone other than the model :)

  5. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Eww ! thats trashy ! How could she leave the house like that.

  6. Arati at | | Reply

    Oh My God!!!

  7. Shama at | | Reply

    Aaaarrrrggggghhhh….she’s practically naked!And looks like she didn’t even bother to brush her hair. Maybe she just rolled out of bed and forgot to get dressed properly?!

  8. gems at | | Reply

    OMG!!!!!!! I don’t even know what to say here… in total shock.

  9. chandu at | | Reply

    well..aren’t the elders supposed to set an example to the youngsters at grace, poise and modesty…now everybody can’t be a Maharani Gayathri Devi…but this..how totally un appropriate of Ms. Godrej….really really bad…n I feel that dress is ment for someone more younger and fresh faced.

  10. J at | | Reply

    Why cant I see anything?!!!

    1. s at | | Reply

      Exactly,I cant either!

    2. anisha at | | Reply

      J she isnt wearing nything underneath!!!!…i realized jus now after readin the above comments hahaa

    3. Ankita at | | Reply

      Me too!! What is everyone talking about???

    4. Rupal at | | Reply

      exactly…. please somebody give a hint….

      1. Priya at | | Reply

        she isn’t wearing anything underneath – no bra no panty!

        1. Anu at | | Reply

          No bra, but I think she’s got nude body shapers on!

          1. lavanya at |

            she is Nude but for the strips of black , baby.
            Its almost like emperor’s new clothes! well, she got nothing on, but we out of our modesty think, yeah she got some cover – nude or transparent!

    5. lazyU at | | Reply

      Haha! I think this is more of an eye popper for someone who’s actually near her.

    6. shruti at | | Reply

      im still unable to spot it :( makes me feel like rachel from the doctors episode of friends!

    7. dhanu at | | Reply

      there is nothing left 2 see buddy :P

  11. lolita at | | Reply

    ….maybe she was drunk when she was getting dressed…and her minions were too scared of her to tell her that she was “showing off” more than her HL dress…

  12. Jennifer at | | Reply

    omg is she not wearing ANY underwear?….wow…

    1. Soho at | | Reply

      excuse my language, but she is not just not wearing a bra but the panty is missing too right?

      1. Jennifer at | | Reply

        that’s what i thought!!! OMG!!

  13. rB at | | Reply

    Wen will she learn to dress age appropriate and this one is way too outrageous for some1 young as well.. I’m sure she embarassed every1 else present at the event..

  14. ashish at | | Reply

    You girls need to stop being so bloody prudish… Parmeshwar is an extremely confident lady and if she wants to wear something sexy there is no harm in it what so ever… She looks comfortable and isn’t all awkward. I think she carries herself way better than most young starlets.

    Its easy to judge people and write WTHeyyy! all the time, but i’d really like to see one or any of you wear this dress…

    1. Faby at | | Reply

      Ashish I honestly think either Ms.Parmeshwar has hired you as an official spokes person on her behalf, or this is herself writing & defending herself. Cuz no other person can like this kinds dressing!!

    2. Fatima at | | Reply

      You do realise that she’s not wearing anything underneath right?

    3. aalia at | | Reply

      why on earth woud we? doesnt matter what the age or expression of confidence or attempt at looking sexy, u have to draw the line somewhere
      i have seen other ladies show alot more, but really not wearing a bra underneath a dress with holes in it is just plain ridiculous- for any age!

      1. Fatima at | | Reply

        There’s no bra and no undies!

        1. aalia at | | Reply

          thx for pointing that out- as i didnt notice first time around!i think wearing undies is the first step of dressing for mst of the human race!

    4. lolita at | | Reply

      I think you still haven’t realized just how much she is “showing off”…she is showing off more than her “sexy” dress…look more closely…

    5. Shama at | | Reply

      hey Ashish, I don’ think it’s about being prudish…in my opinion the dress on the runway looks sexy & sultry but elegant and graceful at the same time whereas Parmeshwar doesn’t seem to be wearing the dress as much as utitlizing it as a thin veil over her body. I agree that if she feels comfortable then good for her but as a style judgement it seems way off!

    6. Zara at | | Reply

      The woman isn’t wearing underwear!

      If lamenting the lack of underwear is characterized by you as prudish, the world is clearly in a sad state of affairs.

      1. anisha at | | Reply

        how wud she be looking frm the back!!!… ridiculous this is!!!

    7. rudra at | | Reply

      ashish sweetheart..u dnt need to go naked to look sexy…..n plzz…

  15. miumiauw at | | Reply

    Hahahaha! This is a “when you see it you’ll sh*t bricks” photo.

  16. shradhdha at | | Reply

    that’s the point dear….no one should be wearing this dress the way it was worn

  17. shireen at | | Reply

    I doubt anyone’s looking beyond her face…ie: looking away.

  18. Naina Sethi at | | Reply

    wow . shes such a wannabe kim catrall. im in love with this woman’s balls. amazing indeed . thumbs up.

  19. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

    Okay, I don’t think this is the most age appropriate or classy outfit, but there are a lot worse crimes than dressing inappropriately.

    Honestly I think that some of the harsh, viciously judgmental comments show just as much of a lack of class as that outfit does.

    PnP I’m surprised that you’ve let your site become a verbal stoning ground for the moral police. Some of the comments accusing her of being drunk, asking if she is going to pose for Playboy etc are totally off-limits.

    I don’t approve of this outfit, but unlike so many other rich society women who either spend fortunes on their personal wardrobes alone or who do nothing productive at all, this woman is a major philanthropist. She has spent a fortune on charitable efforts and raising AIDS awareness and to assassinate her character like this on a public forum is as cheap as it gets.

    I really hope that you publish this comment, instead of ignoring it, which will be the convenient thing. Its really sad that some readers reduce a woman’s character and worth to the amount of skin she shows when she has done so much to help the less fortunate and underprivileged.

    1. Priyanka (HHC) at | | Reply


      We hardly think our site has “become a verbal stoning ground for the moral police”; sorry you feel that way. We’ve made an effort to keep this blog off the tabloid territory and there’s a comment policy in place just for that. It’s something we get a lot of flak for but we wouldn’t have it any other way. As long as these comments fall within the guidelines (of our comment policy), we approve them. I’d be the first to admit that sometimes we miss certain comments just owing to the number of comments that need to be moderated but we are always more than happy to revisit them once someone points them out to us.

      As for, “some readers reduce a woman’s character and worth to the amount of skin she shows when she has done so much to help the less fortunate and underprivileged”… While I can’t speak for the readers, I can for Payal and I… And can definitively say, that’s not true, not for us anyway. A lot of women on this site who are being chided for their clothes are women who have done exceptionally well in their careers, personal lives, chosen fields etc. Heck, some women are just plain nice. But we stick to the clothes… not how much of an accomplished actress X is, or how much social awareness Y has been spreading or what a joy Z is to hang out with. We try and stay as objective and impartial as we can.

      Am sure personal biases can’t be avoided and “opinions” come with a fair warning- Everyone has them and not all of them are going to be agreeable. Just as you have your say, others need to too.

      We’ve always enjoyed reading your comments! So, keep ’em coming. :)

      1. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

        PnP I wasnt referrng to you at all when I made that comment. I was talking about the people whose comments I pointed out- the playboy one and the drunk one and the arent the elders suppsoed to set an a example one- it hought those were taking it too far and finding fault with her as a person instead of just criticizing her outfit. I didnt mean that you were doing any of those things. I still think those comments are offensive and unnecessary, but like you said, I expressed my opnion and they expressed theirs.

        1. pooja at | | Reply

          I’m sure that she can be mother Teressa.. but when you step lookin this!!..dont wanna even go there..

      2. naiad at | | Reply


        I cant speak for anyone else but I have pointed out several vicious and intolerable comments to Payal and Priyanka and they have always deleted them!

        People do get vicious at times yes! but you do have to realize that it takes all kinds to make this world! not everyone may be as well read or knowledgeble or just plain ethical as you are! What someone posts shows a lot about their character but unfortunately people take advantage of the anonymity that the internet provides :)

        So keep em comments coming cos I love reading your comments as well :))

        1. naiad at | | Reply

          Just a question :

          How do you know she isnt wearing a nude thong?

          1. AM at |

            “How do you know she isnt wearing a nude thong?”

            Naiad (nice name btw), a nude transparent thong then – or a merkin – though I would totally get an outre merkin – but can’t get one that is way too much like the real thing :-)

        2. AM at | | Reply

          CM I am with you but it is a little bit sad that PG should choose to forget her underwear a la the Britneys, Lindsays of the world. In theory no one should poke fun at them either, they need to keep themselves in the public eye after all, but flashing your nether regions IS going to invite comment – whether it be a man or a woman. In fact it is intended to invite attention and that vanity or desperation is the sad bit. If someone is going to be outre then I think they should expect comments regardless of anything else they may do. You can’t ban comments. PG can of course choose to not care less:-)

      3. the mad momma at | | Reply

        frankly i haven’t read any comments assassinating her character. The blog is about critiquing fashion and i fail to see how her philanthropy protects her from that.

        my opinion ? ugh-ly

    2. Sonia at | | Reply

      Well said!

    3. sue at | | Reply

      u knw i always feel choclate martini has ot comment on the reader`s comments rater than commenting on the post itself…this person always shows it self epitome of mordern india…i really wanna know why??? …i guess rather than teaching the whole world manners why doesn`t he teach something to himself…ie. LIVE AND LET LIVE…get a life….!!!!!!! and just chill. : )

      1. KS at | | Reply

        I would have recjoices over your comment if i had not seen CM taking a stand on people calling Vidhya balan behnji and all. I guess she is against any form extreme reactions or name calling.

      2. sri at | | Reply

        totally agree with you sue!!!!

    4. SS at | | Reply

      CM..you know Ive taken your side in a lot of comments…..Im not a prude when it comes to fashion and very truly beleive in the choice to ‘choose’…that being said…I truly believe that too many times your comments come off attenion seeking and condescending (sp?)..they come off sounding more like ..’Im this modern fair opinionated person and ALL the rest are idiots’….come on now..you dont actually belive that do you? :) I mean you DO realise that all of us exaggerate in comments here right?? when someone says ‘she might be drunk white getting dressed’ its a comment that means..’her head wasnt straight…why else wud someone dress so bad’…you do understand that right? …I cant imagine someone not realising that…we ALL exaggerate for effect and to get the point across only about the choice in clothes…..(and this truly isnt a blog about commenting on fashion based on what ppl have done in different walks of like : ” she is a philanthropist- so it makes her choice in clothes great…or…she has tons of money but doesnt do anything for anyone but herself..so it makes her choice of clothes terrible’….sorry not the blog for that kinda judgement…..I think Ive made my point… :) you may not agree..but thats the beauty of opinions and freedom of expressing them…..noone has to agree….and its still all good…..

  20. Anu . at | | Reply

    Wait, are people seriously defending this look??? In case you didn’t notice let me clarify this. She’s not wearing a bra OR an underwear. Even the model was wearing underwear with this outfit, and they usually wear as little under garment as possible!!

    Honestly, I would have giver her props had she just worn this without a bra but without both? gahhhh!

    1. Anu at | | Reply

      LOL, think nude body shapers waist down BEFORE passing judgement about no undies!!

      Feel like I’m talking to myself here! LOL!


  21. bongbabe at | | Reply

    oh god. i feel really terrible for her. pretty sure no sane person would do this on purpose. she probably thought the dress wasnt this transparent, and maybe didnt think the flash would be that strong. poor thing. but still, wearing underpants is a minimum in my books.

  22. Pzes at | | Reply

    Well I didn’t think this would spark off such extreme reactions. Well Answered Priyanka. Kudos! (for handling the situation)

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      ditto !

  23. Mini Rathore at | | Reply

    Ventilation wise it is not a bad dress…but where is that Ascot cap she always sports? At least she could have hidden her eyes and looked mysterious.

    1. marky at | | Reply

      ROTL …. wow such a refreshing take on the post ….. ur comments are food for thought …. lol

  24. KityPurry at | | Reply

    this is unacceptable. hate it. so disgraceful.

  25. will-kill-for-exclusivity at | | Reply

    oh my god

    sab kuchh nahi

    but still kaafi kuch dikh raha hei

    this is even worse than those transparent dresses

  26. tania at | | Reply

    it’s cool that she’s confident enough to walk out the house wearing HL- this is her definition of confident, while other woman can feel confident when they’re in a super traditional kanjeevaran, a la rekha. to each her own, but i do wish she’d worn undergarments!

    1. will-kill-for-exclusivity at | | Reply

      or may be she is too drunk to realise that

  27. naiad at | | Reply

    just realized

    PG= Parmeshwar Godrej
    PG= Parental guidance

    haha :D

  28. Aparna at | | Reply

    I think she is wearing something inside, I dont want to even think otherwise, she is such a classy women, why why and why would she do this to herself!

  29. D at | | Reply

    No undies too? Are we sure?

  30. manasi at | | Reply

    hey all , even if she IS wearing undies , they r NOT obvious .her attempt was to show as if shes not wearing any undies . So there , go figure wat SHE wanted u to think or see .
    its one thing to create sexiness but another to blatantly try nd peddle urself . nd yeah , everytime a celeb walks out , they r open to comment . not just india , ppl r expected to wear their underpants EVERY where in the world . ven a 3 yr old knows that . money or social work is no excuse to dress less .

  31. IdeaSmith at | | Reply

    I fear to think what her back must look like. *SHUDDER*

    1. will-kill-for-exclusivity at | | Reply

      oh yes

      Please get a picture of her from the rear

  32. Mel at | | Reply

    the shade of skin in the breast area is very different than that below her waist. Of course she has worn a shaper below..and i think she looks far more sophisticated and cool in this compared to many who cant carry out outfits. I support this dress!

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