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  1. Preet at | | Reply

    She looks nice.

  2. Avani at | | Reply

    She has been trying way too hard to get that trendy & edgy look for a long time now. LOL!

  3. fromchi-town at | | Reply

    She looks nice, but a bit casual when the others were wearing gowns. Some bold accessories and better make up would have elevated the look.

  4. BlueMartini at | | Reply

    Agree it’s missing some edge. I believe Kangana wore the same top with so much attitude

  5. Ss at | | Reply

    I really like that top. Plus parineeti’s sweet demeanor is very hard to dislike. She looks youthful and would have been very chic, I’d the skirt were a tad longer. Anyway, like Sonam, Parineeti too works almost all looks because of her beautiful face.

  6. slc at | | Reply

    Love the top and the shoes.

  7. Sylviana at | | Reply

    Haters gonna hate !! :P Would’ve loved to see her in a gown yes, but looks like she is very happy and loving herself here !! Also, she looks so chic and lovely in this look !

    1. LJ at | | Reply

      Absolutely. She looks punchy enough to me. :)

  8. Margaret at | | Reply

    Looks like Gauri khans skirt

  9. FashionFauxPas at | | Reply

    She looks nice! A pop of color or an edgy accessory would have taken this look to another level!

  10. Asha at | | Reply

    Needed a bit more oomph…given the event.

  11. Sup at | | Reply

    I love the colors together, and she looks great.
    Yes keeping the event in mind, this is too girl-next-door.

  12. The Pizza Ghoul at | | Reply

    She does look nice. It doesn’t bother me she isn’t wearing a gown. But I don’t like this top with the skirt, the skirt needed a more edgy top and different hair, so its not working for me. Like the shoes though.

  13. Fergie at | | Reply

    Need a different, more edgy top in a strong metallic hue to go with that skirt and those shoes.

  14. Sara at | | Reply

    It was toooooooooo casual for the event
    This looks more like a promotional look not for big main event like this !!!

  15. sree at | | Reply

    Pretty but not event appropriate! I do like the interesting color combo though.

  16. Melange at | | Reply

    Love the outfit, but I do think it would have been more appropriate for a promotion or a screening. She looks great, nevertheless!

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