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  1. kasthuri at | | Reply

    some how this reminds me of Sonam’s white dress which had “breast pockets” if anyone remembers.
    But this lady looks lovely though the dress looks dangerously long.

  2. madhu at | | Reply

    I think she looks AMAZING. I don’t think any other indian actor has looked this good at cannes.

  3. dn at | | Reply

    This is perfect! A necklace with that collar would have crowded it. She is looking heavenly.
    In theory that waist should be very unflattering, but it doesn’t spoil the look. I guess it’s the smile and attitude.

    1. dn at | | Reply

      On a related note, it is unfortunate that Nawazuddin Siddiqui could not get a designer to make a suit for him for his Cannes appearance. It’s their loss, as his local tailor did a great job.

    2. just me at | | Reply

      Agreed! She looks like…spring! The necklace would have spoilt it…I loved this look…definitely one among the best and the best appearance by an Indian at Cannes so far.

  4. Bsimple at | | Reply

    She looks nice :) She looks like a cross between Dia Mirza+ Anushka Sharma+ Mini Mathur…hmmm…

  5. crab at | | Reply

    …and have it ruined? She looks perfect. A necklace would have been too much. After all the hoopla about Ash and Sonam, Ms. Singh pulled a lovely surprise. Who would’ve thunk?

    1. m at | | Reply

      agree, but i don’t like the watch.

  6. Nazia at | | Reply

    She looks beautiful & summery:) Like

  7. Pallavi0629 at | | Reply

    vision in white :)

  8. Ruby at | | Reply

    This woman is beyond GORGEOUS (jaw drops) . She looks so ethereal, like a spring flower but elegant. I have not seen an Indian actress look this beautiful ever at Cannes. WOW!!

  9. karishma at | | Reply

    she looks perfect!

  10. Gwen at | | Reply

    i agree with the rest…a necklace would have made the look so blase and same-old same-old

    the simplicity of this look is the whole point and she wears white SOOOO well :)

    she beat sonam kapoor’s poofy polyester looking dress hands down :) and she’s on trend for spring/summer’s simple white look

    and can i just say the contrast between her eyes and her hair and skin is just breathtaking, shes really lucky to have such striking coloring

  11. Namrata at | | Reply

    Nice gown!

  12. Lola at | | Reply

    I would not add a thing to this look; she looks smashing.

  13. MicK at | | Reply

    Very aoppropriate movie title……….she is indeed miss lovely, wats not to love about this look or her????The return of Miss Indias perhaps……….

  14. Sunanda at | | Reply

    Lovely :)

  15. Amanpreet at | | Reply

    She’s so beautiful, beats Soanam and ash with her caked on makeup any day.

  16. annie at | | Reply

    This is indeed the best appearance by an indian at Cannes! Gorgeous!! love her smile :)

  17. Honey at | | Reply

    Love every single bit of this look.

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