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  1. Elysia at | | Reply

    Neha is rocking the dress…But personally I think Red has been done to death….Prefer the green one…

  2. AP2008 at | | Reply

    Hmmm… Not really digging the red on Neha – she seems too made up and the tan lines have got to go! Prefer the green on the model.

  3. priya at | | Reply

    not liking the red one at all….and neha doesnt seem 2b making it look any better. love the green though!

  4. nooove at | | Reply

    me 2 don’t really like the red i prefer the green

  5. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i dont like this dress at all actually.. its too plain for me.. color wise, i love green, anyday

  6. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I too LOVE LOVE LOVE this …although I do prefer the green :)

  7. suri at | | Reply

    Love this dress!! Prefer the green too. She loves Shantanu Nikhil doesn’t she?

  8. Flower Power at | | Reply

    don’t think too much of the dress but kudos to her for wearing an indian label on the red carpet.

  9. Adit at | | Reply

    Good for all our girls to look soooo good on the International red carpet.

  10. Adit at | | Reply

    on an other note, doesnt Pia Trivedi look like Maliaka here???

  11. Priyanka (HHC) at | | Reply

    A place where she did look uncannily like Malaika was here:


  12. AstralDust at | | Reply

    I think Neha looks gorgeous! I love how all her clothes fit her perfectly, the fall , the drape, etc. She makes it look easy to look this good consistently!

  13. deewani at | | Reply

    me too like the fact that she wore an Indian label at an international event…

  14. Miss D at | | Reply

    @surbhi True, the dress is too plain, but if choice have to be made then definitely the green one.
    Also liked the fact that neha wore Indian label in international film festival.

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