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    I love this looks it lets the dress speak for itself

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    She looks gorgeous despite the mess happening with the fabric in the lower part of the dress.

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    She looks stunning!

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    I’m not a fan of the Peacocks but I think Neha was one of the best dressed of the night. As she so often is.

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    Neha is having a fab run on the red carpet this year. She’s one of the few Bollywood actress who brings glam to the red carpet.

    Mostly, I think the whole concept of the red carpet is wasted on Bollywood evens because they really can’t do impeccable, black tie glamour the way other cinema fraternities do, and that is the whole point of the original Hollywood red-carpet.

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    Ladies take note, this is how to dress!! Amazing

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    The gown is very ok…and maybe not fit for the event..it has a very Goa-feel to it

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    OMG she sooo pretty and i love her hair it falls perfectly

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