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  1. Tosh at | | Reply

    The choker is unnecessary. Combined with the big volume bob makes her face even more tiny, a big no no for pear shaped women. Shuda opted for spikey stud heels, or sleeked back hair n ear blings. Its a bit too severe with all that black.

  2. Natasha at | | Reply

    I usually like her style, but this is so blah. Hate that choker. And someone needs to style her short hair better – “in character” or not, it looks like a mop.

  3. fashionista at | | Reply

    why doesnt she wear outfits that cover the width of her hips up, rather than showing the disproportionaly wide hips off even more. again, you guuys r super biased towards her!
    Also arent u guys “anti” bandage/body con dresses?

  4. Myka at | | Reply

    Is that a wig? She can’t carry of that short hairdo, it makes her look bad.

  5. Pamela at | | Reply

    if you put a blonde wig on her.she’s be a dead ringer for Jenny Mccarthy.

  6. Sabita at | | Reply

    She looks she’s stepped out of a bondage movie…she’s got it wrong this time…

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