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  1. Surabhi at | | Reply

    I was just wondering. Why don’t you ever post about Feroze Gujral? She is quite a Page 3 regular!

  2. Asgar at | | Reply

    Two young beautiful women

  3. apeksha at | | Reply

    Neha looks lovely . Jacquline also looks nice but waist up. Wrong footwear for her

  4. AK at | | Reply

    In my opinion, Jacqueline’s Burberry sandals are WAY better than Neha’s boring, black ones.
    It’s only the trench where she went wrong.

  5. shriya at | | Reply

    Neha is looking fierce. I’m really impressed.

  6. sukh at | | Reply

    neha looks so FRENCH!! (seriously,she looks like a femme fatale in an old French movie-all nonchalant,trench coat,red lips and killer heels).jackie’s got short shrift here-the coat is too wishy washy in color and design,and she needed the flair with which she usually carries her clothes.wish the coat was a full-on teal and the soes were prettier.

  7. NR at | | Reply

    IMO, Neha is the most stylish celebrity..Does anyone know who her stylist is? I always look forward to her pics on HHC

  8. Monika at | | Reply

    I somehow find Neha Dhupia always much too caked in make-up in all her appearances. Looks a wee bit unnatural to me.

  9. sm at | | Reply

    she is featured in the website. type her name on the website’s search box and you’ll see that she has been featured…although not as much as the natasha poonwala’s of the socialite world.

    1. sm at | | Reply

      sorry, this is a reply to the first post..

  10. sumi at | | Reply

    that girl Neha is the most gorgeous thing in the wolrd…sigh…so jealous…

  11. soni at | | Reply

    loved neha’s ensemble..
    whats with the expression !!
    makes her look old

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