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  1. Farrah at | | Reply

    It’s a super lovely dress .. LOVE IT … but i wish it was about 3-4 inches shorter and that she’d worn higher heels *wink* … not black heels though.

  2. James at | | Reply

    I think she looks beautifulll !!!

  3. Rides at | | Reply

    I don’t c any flaw in the look ..everything seems jus perfect hair+makeup+dress ..she looks a million doller !

  4. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Wow…the dress on the runway looks so good. She can’t work this at all.

  5. Anisha.princess at | | Reply

    Narmada looks tooo charming ..I don’t see anything thts falling wrong in this dress.. Shes a cute girl..But Neva heard of this designer Sailex ..Neways it’s a YAY from me!

  6. shweta at | | Reply

    She looks very pretty and nothing wrong with the blue and black combination it looks great !!.. P&P u gotto give to her

  7. tosh at | | Reply

    such a romantic dress. she looks lovely!

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