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  1. Myka at | | Reply

    So what if it’s Missoni, its such an ugly dress!!!!

  2. reshma at | | Reply

    Totally UGLY! should be filed under WTHey

    1. fashionista at | | Reply

      totally agree! and why tat blonde hair? (a) blonde rarely looks good on indian skin. (b) its been out of fashion for like ever! If u really wanna color ur hair try some other colors rather than trying to desperately look lik a firang! yeesh!

  3. Orange Jammies at | | Reply

    Eww. What are your thoughts on this dress, P & P?

  4. Slc at | | Reply

    What’s up with the blue tassel? Just awful.

  5. TiqueBou at | | Reply

    fugly Missoni!

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