Lovely In Lavender?


It’s not a look we like (love the color yet the work on it seems so gaudy) and while we aren’t sure a full length pic would help change our minds, it still would be nice to see one…just to make sure. ;)
Update: Now that we’ve seen the full-length, still sticking to our decision. Still don’t like it. Thanks Karishma for the image tip-off.

Mugdha Godse at Diwali Exhibition at Studio 8, Dubai

Mugdha Godse at Diwali Exhibition at Studio 8, Dubai

Photo Credit: Masala, HighLifeDubai


  1. Mugdha is gorgeous. Just wish she had better taste in clothes.

    I don’t think the problem here is the colour–the pink is lovely against her skin tone–but, as you say, the tacky silver work and border

    It also seems to be badly fitted.

  2. The colour isn’t right on her… anyone notice how unhappy she seems to look? She has a mulled look most of the time as it is… but she seems really sad :-( x

  3. Although the color doesnt really suit her, I like the suit overall..
    On somebody like Aishwarya or even Deepika it’d look divine!


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