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  1. Sweta at | | Reply

    Very similar to Deepika’s appearance in Filmfare

  2. PrinessRuchi at | | Reply

    She looks vulgar. Period

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  3. bong babe at | | Reply

    if i had a body like that and i were her age, i wouldnt be shy at all. i’d be all in tasteful short and sexy dresses. having said that, this dress is not tasteful.

  4. Arti at | | Reply

    My DH thinks this looks like something made out of a curtain. I think she looks smoking. (Maybe he’s just saying that as I’m sitting right here!!)

  5. anjali at | | Reply

    She looks stunning except for the naval but it can be easily ignored!

  6. kasthuri at | | Reply

    The boob show, the navel and eye make-up – it all screams cheap. Prefer this on the model.

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  7. Silpa at | | Reply

    Being able to see the navel in this dress makes me cringe! It’s ugly, trashy and plain weird. She needs someone like me on her side – I would have never let her set foot outside.

  8. SLC at | | Reply

    Despite the navel she looks good. Lovely gown.

  9. Saadia at | | Reply

    Some modesty would have earned grace. This reckless display doesn’t

    1. Shina at | | Reply

      So true.

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  10. Dits at | | Reply

    The look would have rocked without the navel display

    1. Hotmama at | | Reply

      DITTO!! The navel ruins it ….. URGHHHHH :-(

  11. Amber at | | Reply

    Really tacky! I don’t mind skin show but not feeling this gown or that navel display at all

  12. nainachau at | | Reply

    a person lil less gifted up there could have been effortless.
    and that awkward “mother of god,i must make sure the balls don’t fall off my chest” posture is making it look worse..
    but the dress ain’t all that bad.she could have done better!

    1. sayee at | | Reply


  13. P at | | Reply

    The look would have been better if the neckline stooped at that mid strap..I would be scared to wear this outfit under the current conditions in the capital..

    1. payal at | | Reply

      i would be embarassed to wear this under any conditions,anywhere. what an awkward mess

  14. Lifetarka at | | Reply

    Too much of plunge for me. That bandaid like strip holding her modesty is kinda irrititating. Wish the plunge of the neckline ended there.

    1. Sheikha at | | Reply

      Exactly my thoughts. She looks uncomfortable too. I mean how long can you keep arching your back???

  15. arpitha at | | Reply

    the model is better covered than her, her boob & naval show is so cheap.

  16. Nisha at | | Reply

    This outfit is just not suitable for an Indian awards show. Regardless, it looks terrible.

  17. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    I have to say that navel thing really doesnt work for me. Fail!!!

  18. judy at | | Reply

    its hilarious how most regressive indian women think! no wonder ur sons grow up to treat women like furniture. get ur minds out of the gutter! theres nothing vulgar at ALL abt this dress… its so beautifully elegantly crafted and fits her like a glove. whats wrong with navel anyway?! ur mothers show it off all the time with their sarees! it seems to me like monica seriously has some haters… maybe ur all stylists who shess rejected? :-/ #justsaying

    1. Ss at | | Reply

      Agree! I think she rocks the look. Love the bold look!

    2. hhccommentorsarebehenjiinthehead at | | Reply

      applause. this site is full of super judgemental catty women i tell you.

      but hey they’re backwardness in thought has so much voyeuristic value. i come here sometimes to see what has unfolded in the hhc kitty party of naysayers.

    3. sonia at | | Reply

      this dress was not meant to show the navel and i think that’s what most people’s gripes were about it. for being such a progressive woman yourself, i’m surprised you felt the need to be so rude and make outlandish comments

    4. Shikha at | | Reply

      And you, my lady Judy, are probably the stylist she has hired!
      There is nothing regressive in a dress looking wrong n someone…Monica usually looks nothing less than fabulous! This time, it didn’t work… That’s it.. There is no need to make a social agenda out of a navel display!

    5. payal at | | Reply

      get ur own mind out of the gutter–did some indian dude kick you to the curb or something? ‘so beautifully elegantly crafted’? normally, no one seems to need to bring peoples mothers up on a celeb fashion blog, but since you did-did your’s drop you on your head at birth? the girl is half naked on the red carpet-ever hear of leaving something to the imagination?

      1. aaroohii at | | Reply

        There goes another ‘person’ who would blame women for wrong doings of men! That comment coming from a woman is just shocking.

    6. npm at | | Reply

      This has nothing to do with a social agenda or “regressive” Indian women, Judy. This is just plain tacky. Plus, the fit stinks. Look at it on the model. That’s how its supposed to look. Most runway fashions like this are modified for the red carpet – modified, that is, to enhance the wearer, unlike in this case. If men appeared half nude on the red carpet, we’d be just as critical. Get a grip.

  19. Champa at | | Reply

    Dear Monica, don’t do this to yourself ever again. Please.

  20. Tanya at | | Reply

    Payal, I agree with you. I think she owns this look, but only until the fuzzy navel kicks in. I get a visceral feeling when I see that navel.

  21. IdeaSmith at | | Reply


    It looks like something Pamela Anderson would wear. All that’s missing is the multiple, too-high slits on the skirt.

  22. Mehak Rampal at | | Reply

    She looks uncomfortable, notice how she’s holding her breath in most pictures.

  23. Shikha at | | Reply

    HATE THE NAVEL DISPLAY!! It looks so vulgar and ghastly! What was she thinking? She has a fab body no doubt, but she could have gone with something better than this tacky display . .

  24. PrincessG at | | Reply

    I think the belly-boob show is taking too much to a whole new level .Somethings are best kept covered :d

  25. Farrah at | | Reply

    the fact that the plunge ever so gently and precisely cradles her (EW!) navel … makes it stand out even more! and i have an itch to go put a cork in it. WHY would anyone highlight their navel?

  26. Z at | | Reply

    As someone in the comments said, it would definitely go better on someone less heavy. The dress looks so sexy and chic on the model while it leaves very little to imagination while Monica wears it… Short of what Mallika Sherawat has worn in the past with her bare-it-all cutouts.

  27. Shrewti at | | Reply

    This dress is something in the same league as carrie bradshaws ”naked” dress, only less fabulous….

  28. Lotus at | | Reply

    I think he needs to give up designing women’s wear, it quite clearly is disastrous.

  29. Monica at | | Reply

    I’m not reading this thread – but a friend from Canada wrote to me about it asking me how I “felt” about all the “hate”. I had no idea what she was talking about…and I’m going to refrain from finding out. But, I hope a few of you care enough to read this.

    I appreciate fashion. I am proud of my choices. I’m happy with the dress I wore, and I don’t mind if you don’t like it…that is entirely your prerogative. Whatever I do, I do with the utmost honesty towards myself and what I like – not what the industry expects of me. But, if you are calling me trashy…or slinging dirty words at me – especially in this day and age, in this particularly sensitive time where we need a heavy dose of female camaraderie….come on. let’s not be so regressive. that’s just plain silly.

    but, WOW – I guess this dress garnered a stir. Respect to High Heel. People definitely look out for your posts, and I think that’s great.

    1. payal at | | Reply

      if your not reading this thread why did you feel compelled to post on it? ”if you don’t like it…that’s your prerogative’–no one asked you for your permission to express their opinion.’ let’s not be regressive’-oh,please. face it, you were trolling for attention in a cheesy outfit and got called on it.

  30. Mystic at | | Reply

    Monica seems upset about this post. Caught her complaining on twitter…..

    Monica Dogra?@Shaair

    Brought to my attention from a friend abroad. Disappointed in my favorite gender. And targeted unfairly. WTF.

    these women are calling me trashy…targeting each other and fighting. all over a dress. i find that pretty sad.

  31. elton at | | Reply

    necklines high or low
    navel or no navel
    dress or no dress
    few women will ever have as much spirit, intellect & style, talent, personality or character
    that the Monica’s of this world possess.

    1. payal at | | Reply

      ok, but the dress still sucks

  32. Amrita Puri at | | Reply

    Monica you’re a stunner! Don’t let anybody drag you down baby.

  33. Amrita Puri at | | Reply

    Monica you’re a stunner! Dont let anybody drag you down. More power to you to have the guts to wear what you want and not go by what other people think. Stand tall me lady!

  34. Wot at | | Reply

    It’s not the girls fault, a bad stylist and even worse designer. Poor thing.

  35. farrah at | | Reply

    so here’s the thing. i just watched the stardust red carpet. and came back to say … forget the navel … her modesty was being comprised otherwise due to lack of careful double taping .. i wonder how the poor thing spent the rest of her evening. stiff i’m sure. and the skin show doesn’t look as bad in the pictures as it does on reel.

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