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  2. mesta at | | Reply

    is it just me or do these wedges have no heel?
    or maybe that is the point?

  3. Fashionably lame at | | Reply

    For some reason, the juxtaposition of the delicate lace and those bold wedges! Would’ve been a stunning sight! I would give +1 to the pairing!

  4. Tina at | | Reply

    She looks absolutely fabulous. Thumbs up for the choice of dress. The shoes I loooove. They are zaniotti without a heel. Which adds a edgy touch to the feminine look.

    1. tiquebou at | | Reply

      +100 – that look is a winner head to toe

  5. Lotus at | | Reply

    The choice of those amazing shoes and that super silhouette of that dress looks amazing.

  6. Lotus at | | Reply

    And ERDEM wow.
    She always is the first to pick the super fashionable brands

  7. Ritu at | | Reply

    Oh im so much in love with the dress…..she totally rocks it! Thumbs up!!!

  8. annie at | | Reply

    love it!! if everyone were to dress according to pnp’s sensibilities, all these women would look like clones with no spontaneity.

    1. aaroohi at | | Reply

      Love this comment!

  9. miss maya at | | Reply

    love it including the shoes, black courts wouldve been too boring!! .. if someone like sonam had worn this look, you wouldve been gushing over it saying how edgy she is for wearing it!!

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    Love the shoes–they make the look.

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