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  1. Megha at | | Reply

    wow she looks good…i’m surprised to hear myself say that about mallika

  2. Akmiiiid at | | Reply

    Does she ever take a photo with her mouth closed? Seriously…

  3. pdaervo at | | Reply

    She looks good, but she looked better with her last look. It doesn’t suprise me that Mallika is the one, out of all of Bollywood, that is here. She’s hot, confident and ambitious as hell :)

  4. priyam at | | Reply

    Yeah, she is actually really pretty when she is not OTT on showing skin!

  5. Sej at | | Reply

    I like this dress a lot more then the other recent black dress-that one looked like it was ripped rags at the bottom. Of course the picture at the bottom-damn!!!

  6. rakel at | | Reply

    she looks fab wish i was sitting next to russell though

  7. Chinnu at | | Reply

    Gotta love her confidence and attitude. Do your thing girl!!

  8. Flower Power at | | Reply

    her hair’s a holy mess, her face looks tired tho her bod’s still smokin’…

  9. vixen at | | Reply

    She looks real nice. She should dress like this more often.

  10. preeti at | | Reply

    I wore a similar (95%) dress y’sday on annual day of my company …its from forever new … and damn even print and layers of dress are similar ..just that her dress is halter and mine was a tube one ..m sooo amused at this …:-)

  11. Pri at | | Reply

    I wonder what they talked about…one of the worlds mysteries..sigh..

    1. pdaervo at | | Reply

      LOL, I somehow doubt that they talked very much…photographs at these celeb events are very contived.

  12. pri at | | Reply

    @pri: probably how she managed to get in.

    1. Pri at | | Reply


      1. Citi Mag at | | Reply

        She was invited by the Music Director Craig Nobles..there is an upcoming American film where she plays Kamala Harris, “the female borack obama”…thats the Attorney general of LA… so craig noble is one of the directors of Swag Media who hosted this event and Russel Simmons was the host… They were talking about yoga and spiritualism..he is into that these days… and how she is a vegan, etc.. i was there so therefore i know.. take care guys..

  13. Divya the wannabe fashionista at | | Reply

    well she definitely is cuddling up to the right guy….dear God if she were to become Mrs Simmons would she start her own line (hopefully not!!!) and her own reality show? I would definitely watch!!!!

    if your career ain’t taking off might as well marry right;-)

    1. pdaervo at | | Reply

      HAHA I love Kimora :)

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