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  1. monika at | | Reply

    Both are looking nice. I vote for Lynn though for the edgy look.

  2. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Those aren’t ankle boots, more like mid-calf…
    ok maybe not
    but booties would have been better
    I just don’t like this dress, it wouldn’t be flattering on anyone except people who have no hips, like Priyanka
    I like the actual Marchesa dress that this was so clearly based on better

  3. Jaz at | | Reply

    Mallika has more of the girly looks and the other is on the ‘lady’ side. So I guess, Mallika. Since the dress screams YOUNGG! But the shoes, Ack!

  4. Geeta at | | Reply

    Minus the shoes, I think Mallika looks quite alright. At the very least, she’s doing some color. And her hair is SUCH an improvement.

  5. sandra at | | Reply

    “We’d have preferred”…………obviously referring to the Payal and the Priyanka. How about showing the fashion and losing the opinions? Day in day out the same opinions can get annoying.

    1. kish at | | Reply

      it’s their BLOG> they’re not getting paid for it. and they’re entitled their opinions. sheesh, if you’re tired of their opinions, don’t read them. you do not have to be so rude.

    2. purple at | | Reply

      But isn’t this blog about exchanging opinions on fashion?

    3. eclat at | | Reply

      Huh? No opinions?! It IS their blog, after all! If we didn’t want opinion, we’d go read the newspaper or just look at a cow…on second thoughts, maybe just the cow, because even the papers have op-ed pages.

    4. Jazz at | | Reply

      excuse me?? What does blogging mean, by the way huh??

    5. Manasi at | | Reply

      Wow! You sure are bitter! I think P&P have kept a pretty consisntent tone here about their opinions..and their opinions are seldom baseless or snarky. They are a fashion blog and they are presenting their point of view, is its just images you want, I’m sure you can find them all over the web.

    6. trisha deol at | | Reply

      @sandra: you are missing the point. P&P put so much of themselves into the site and that is what takes it beyond fashion..they deserve some respect rather than annoyance…too bad if you can’t see that…wonder what else you are missing in life with that attitude!

      1. belle desse at | | Reply

        aww…c’mon give her a break!!! I see a lot of people on this blog do this: one person expresses a less-than-diplomatic opinion and EVERYBODY jumps on her with equally rude/ much ruder replies. Rather ironic what?

  6. Najina at | | Reply

    Lynn scores here, cause I am so tired of those bollywooden ironed hair and expressions.

  7. joe at | | Reply

    sonam has smth similar to this… in black.

  8. disappointed at | | Reply

    How come you’re always been so quick to show Indian designers plaigarizing but you’ve conveniently ignored the fact that this is SUCH a rip-off of the marchesa dress posted in your blog????

    Also there were a certain pair of shoes/ sandals that had been plaigarized by a western designer (I forget the name) and you were all ‘Oooh should I buy them?” but when an Indian designer plaigiarizes you feign shock and disgust???
    What is even with those double standards???

    I think it’s only fair and unhypocritical that you add the plaigarism to your post

    And a leather jacket with that dress???? no. way. whteyyyy.

    1. disappointed at | | Reply

      no response? really? wow. And STILL no mention of plaigarism.

      You REALLY do have double standards dont you?

  9. meena at | | Reply

    that dress was not made to go with either of those shoes.

  10. Kiwi at | | Reply

    mallika looks better -even with the mismatched shoes

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