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  1. diptiN at | | Reply

    horrible dress, shoes, hair and make up. Her hair looks like a bee’s nest. Don’t these people look at the mirror before they walk out?

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Totally agreed !!
      How on earth did a designer actually think that that dress could be flattering on a woman ????
      How on earth could a woman decide to think the same and wear it ?!

      I dont know whose crime is worse.

      And the hair…! I better stop here…

      1. H at | | Reply

        “Actually think that that dress could be flattering on a woman”
        That isn’t the concern when it comes to Avant Garde, she’s not exactly going shopping, she’s on the red carpet. That dress is ultra chic!
        Although a less voluminous hairstyle would’ve been a good foil to the dress.
        And maybe metallic pumps/peep toes. The booties make her legs look a little bit stumpy.

        1. SK at | | Reply

          H – i agree… the dress is cutting edge fashion for the red carpet … not as experimental as a lot of them out there… but pretty daring for the red carpet.
          BUT…mallika is not a “cutting edge” kind of a personality. Hence the whole jarring effect of the dress and the person. You should check out Carla Gugino in the same dress and u’ll appreciate this dress a lot more

  2. KT at | | Reply

    the hair is so hideous..!!
    she looks like a scare crow or a puppet!
    the hair, dress, shoes, expression..everything.. OTT!

  3. Jasmine at | | Reply

    fabulous neck down and shin up! that hair and that manic smile — phew! i like the shoes by themselves, just not with this dress.

  4. kismet at | | Reply

    no not working for me, maybe with different sandals it would have.

    WHATS WITH THE HAIR!! she trying to beat ASH’s bird nest do on the first day! LOL

  5. purple at | | Reply

    She looks like that lady from Sweeney Todd *shudder*

    1. KK at | | Reply

      TOTALLY!! First vision was Helena Bonham Carter.
      HIDEOUS DRESS and scary makeup!

    2. RockRepublic at | | Reply

      MY feeling exactly!!!!

    3. bozo at | | Reply

      lol.. yeah! though I love helena bonham carter (the lady from sweeney todd) and her quirkiness!

      1. anonymous at | | Reply

        ohh yaa…she really looks lik her

  6. Sonya at | | Reply

    She looks like the ‘Red Queen’ from Alice in Wonderland!

    The dress is edgy but the hair+makeup are nightmare-inducing. The shoes on their own are very, very sexy!

  7. Pri at | | Reply

    oh hellll nooo!!! i don’t know WHAT she was going for.. BUT that hairstyle has GOT TO GO!!!

  8. Chandraamma at | | Reply

    I love MS but I am really dissapointed, I really expected to see her in a slithery sexy designer gown..I don’t like this whole outfit – from hair to toe. She looks like a BetseyJohnson’s ” runaway” model…sorry!

  9. green chilli at | | Reply

    I can’t even get past that nest which is supposed to be her hair.

  10. rêve at | | Reply

    I think its quite nice and fun!
    It totally suits her quirky personality.
    luv the color and (look of ) the maerial

  11. yellow Love at | | Reply

    With all her other film festival looks ever…this one is actually nice..There i said it..and THE HAIRDO actually isn’t that bad at all..I am truly amazed at myself for saying this..But for once she doesn’t look oh so bollywood (READ –aishwarya a couple o years back and the recent miss padukone, i mean i am all for the pretty saris but that particular one wasn’t red carpet friendly) .Yes the sandals are a bit of a let down but hell she for once Looks quite NICE

  12. Bhavana at | | Reply

    I can only hope that a professional stylist did not do this to her..on an aside.. i think this women needs a posing coach the smile is freakishly the same in every single pic

  13. crab at | | Reply

    Oh my God, the expression is so funny! I can’t stop laughing.
    The dress itself is weird. The shoes, accessories and hair make it even worse.

  14. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    Oh dear, where to begin? Let’s start at the top and work our way down…

    1) Not really feeling the hairdo, but girl at least get your roots done!
    2) That manic smile has to go.
    3) No need to jut your girls out so unnaturally, we know you have ’em!
    4) Are you hiding an elephant under that skirt?
    5) Those shoes are horribly tacky.

    Even Aishwarya’s stylist could make you look better, and that’s really saying something!

    1. Aly at | | Reply

      Aishwarya criticism for Cannes is so exagerrated. Over the years Aishwarya’s appeances have been fine except for that one year when she went with the Neeta Lulla designs. And I think this year has been one of Aishwarya’s best.

      1. Sharin at | | Reply

        I completely agree with you Aly, everyone harps on Aishwarya’s appearances at Cannes and it is over exaggerated. Other than the one year with Neeta Lulla with a few odd dresses and the one time she wore the silver cut out dress I think she’s always looked great.

        1. Usha at | | Reply

          C’mon it’s natural that people pick on Ash’s look. People tend to have very high expections on her given that she is so stunning and has access to the most expensive and exclusive designers in the world .And being grromed to be the way she is ( to be read as ‘ Confident in the way to dress and look) for the beauty paegents…it’s fair we pick on her.

    2. lolita at | | Reply

      Can’t get past the “manic” smile either….

      she looks frozen with that smile in every pose….either too smug or just in awe to see the bulbs go off…like a deer caught in the headlights…with the smile…

  15. probster at | | Reply

    Oh please! cut her some slack. She looks nice in that nude dress…like the hair too…its a risk that worked. It kinda suits her quirky image…
    Let’s not talk about the shoes…hehehe….of all the great shoes in this world, that one had to be picked….Jeezz

  16. The Housewife at | | Reply

    I don’t think any of this is working for her.. She looks like a character out of a Tim Burton movie…

  17. ariel001 at | | Reply

    I like her shoes & thats pretty much it. & I have a feeling her shoes are by GUCCI. & her dress may be DOLCE & GABBANA.

    1. NitashaJ at | | Reply

      The dress could be Dolce and Gabbana since Scarlett Johannson wore a very similar dress to an event last summer, (though the detailing is different, the colour and structure is identical). That would account for the deja vu!

    2. OLIVER at | | Reply


  18. tehzeeb at | | Reply

    im thinking the dress is a vintage viviene westwood!? and her shoes are fabulous on their own not when paired with that dress…poor thing!

  19. anastasia at | | Reply

    I echo the sweeny todd comment! Too madhatter for a red carpet event! She needs to keep her smile limited.. isnt that too wide??

  20. KD at | | Reply

    I don’t like *ANYTHING* that I see here.. hair, dress, smile or shoes… “WHY OH WHY Mallika you have to take risks every single time…” She has a great body, she should have chosen something elegant and classy… why try to be “different” and “noticeable” every single time? Also she has to change her expressions now.. each n every red carpet pic of MS looks the same smile-wise..

  21. glitzy.apple at | | Reply

    This dress reminds me of the dolce and gabbana dress vogue put Tabu in. The detail on Mallika’s waist looks similar to the detail used on tabu’s gown (where the blue part starts).


  22. vandana at | | Reply

    i wouldnt have minded it with different hair, and maybe edgy heels, but maybe in black? It’s too matchy otherwise.

  23. Nick at | | Reply

    I think she wanted to be edgy with her hair too but with the wierd smile… she just comes across as a umm.. crazy lady. I don’t mind the hair really, or the dress or the shoes but why (why…) the bizam look always?

  24. zainab at | | Reply

    she’s at least not promoting light eyes and light hair by wearing light contact lenses and coloring her hair blond. she’s being pretty much herself and that’s what I like about Malika Sherawat! being fake and posing as someone else doesn’t win anyone anything. I like Malika for being so daring and so much herself. that’s her way of smiling or posing..had she tried to change her smile or her way of posing then she would be someone else and not Malika Sherawat. Good or bad but that’s Malika Sherawat..if people really want to see someone else then don’t expect Malika to be someone else :)

  25. ko at | | Reply

    oh wow.. what could have saved this look..hmm DIFFERNT hair..and less smiling…

  26. zainab at | | Reply

    She’s daring to be playful with her own deep dark brown eyes..not wearing contact lenses like Deepika Padukone. as far as her smile is concerned..someone complained that she should limit her smile but I think having a carefree smile is a winner. if she had limited her smile then she would have looked fake.

  27. Hema at | | Reply

    Please stop posting anymore pictures of our Bollywood babes on the Cannes red carpet. Why are all of them going for the weird and the OTT! All of them are cute and have great bods but have managed to get it all wrong this time. Mallika looks ridiculous in that Alice in Wonderland outfit, those godawful shoes, that BIG hair and that frozen smile and she’s such a pretty girl too! Oh, the trauma you are putting us through!!!!

  28. annie at | | Reply

    reminds me of helena bonham carter. it is an interesting look.

  29. lara at | | Reply

    everything about this look reminds me of something helena bonham carter would wear. i’m on the fence, on the one hand, it’s good to see bwood celebs take risks and wear different stuff. on the other hand, i’m not sure mallika’s made it work.

  30. Violet at | | Reply

    What a nice surprise…Love the dress and it’s calming color. Not digging the hair, nor shoes much, and wish she had more of a Natural smile. Looks forced.

  31. anon at | | Reply

    What’s with the bizarre hair on everyone (mallika, Ash etc) at cannes)??

  32. desifix at | | Reply

    The whole look belongs in a lunatic asylum. hairdo inspired by edward scissorhands.

  33. navs at | | Reply

    I actually like the dress and even the hair…but the shoes and the smile no no NO!

  34. priya at | | Reply

    Does Mallika remind anyone of Helena Bonham Carter????
    Anyway, the hair and shoes are awful. the dress is a tad better but really not that great.

  35. shyba at | | Reply

    THank you P&P …muaaaaaahhhhh…………………..

  36. dn at | | Reply

    Yikes, what to say about this? Why, oh why?

  37. spongy at | | Reply

    Woaa seems like the beggar look is in.She looks like a fancy beggar.
    : D..

  38. FashionFaff at | | Reply

    she looks like Shabana Aazmi from Makdee. I’m now going to spend all day trying to get this image out of my head.

    1. Protyasha at | | Reply


  39. Malaika at | | Reply

    Yucky shoes……….
    Horrible hair……..
    that plastic smile……(It has to go)

    The only saving grace being the dress

  40. deewani at | | Reply

    I saw her picture and was expecting the caption to be wthey..but I was shocked.. someone actually likes it??? how??? even the photographers r not interested..now that’s saying something..

  41. monika at | | Reply

    I don’t mind the hair but the frocky dress & shoes ae a letdown. Thecolour of the dress is fab though. Wish it was a gown instead.

  42. javajive at | | Reply

    channeling Lady Gaga!

    1. Protyasha at | | Reply

      Definitely not. This is just messed up. Lady GaGa is *out there*!

  43. pratap at | | Reply


  44. Laveena at | | Reply

    I don’t like the hair, reminds me of a pooch

  45. OLIVER at | | Reply


  46. divi at | | Reply

    I think its edgy and fun! A refreshing look after all the steriotypical gowns. However, they could have been less ( or rather more ) creative with her hair. Looks and feels like a nest.

    I love her shoes, just wish she had not paired them with this dress.

  47. purplez at | | Reply

    No No No No – its hurts just to look at this !! And to think I used to find her so earthy and sensual some years back !!

  48. Sandra at | | Reply

    The dress is fab. Somehow the shoes work…she is young, fun, good looking.

  49. bozo at | | Reply

    three words come to mind when i see this: little bo-peep/ sadomasochism/ cowgirl

  50. bozo at | | Reply

    I’m very surprised you guys like this dress! I hate it, on all three of them.

  51. kiwi at | | Reply

    I like evrything.. she ruined it with her shoes.The shoes are GREAT on their own but not with this dress . I realy like her make up and the ahir do is interesting

  52. KityPurry at | | Reply

    Ugh. I hate everything. The dress, shoes, that silly smile, the clutch AND THE HAIR. Very bad look.

  53. mary at | | Reply

    Must be the water in cannes wreaking havoc on everyone’s hair

  54. kiran at | | Reply

    Funny look !

  55. sogul at | | Reply

    She looks like the nightmare from Elm Street —-who told her to look like that? Plus the smile is making it 10 times creepier….she looks like she’s escaped from the loonie house

  56. SS at | | Reply

    Horrible- the dress, hair, smile, shoes- all of it!

  57. bongbabe at | | Reply

    i am speechless. how can a pretty lady manage to look so scary??

  58. Ritu at | | Reply

    This girl has so much guts! We need to applaud her for that! Absolute firebrand.No one else could have pulled this off and not cared a damn about what u people say. kudos for being different

  59. desiette at | | Reply

    She looks deranged. And that expression is truly scary!

  60. Emaan Khan at | | Reply

    I think she looks cute and fun!!The shoes should have been more delicate to go with her.The shoes look similar to Eva Herzigova’s Giuseppe Zanotti heels but who’s are they?

    1. Bili at | | Reply

      I am in agreement with you. She does not look all that bad; her look to me is fresh, playful and bold. I think the shoes actually makes the look wholesome.

  61. Star at | | Reply

    Am all for freedom of speech but I do think it is very insensitive to say things like she looks as if she has escaped from a loonie house etc….Do criticise the celebrity in question but why compare them with what your ideas of how people who live in asylum look like.Mental illness is a disease and I think it is in very poor taste to refer to people who suffer from it in such a way.

  62. Jennifer at | | Reply

    Ok. Seriously. What is with the crazy face?

  63. simnat at | | Reply


  64. cherry at | | Reply

    she looks so out of place

  65. Chiklet at | | Reply

    Lill Bo Peep! :) Not Liking the dress or the look!

  66. kalika at | | Reply

    what was she thinking!!

  67. as at | | Reply

    horrible!!!her heels are not complimenting her one piece nor her scary looking weird hair…ewww

  68. kanak at | | Reply

    god……..plz tell me the name of the designer horrible…

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