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  1. jiji at | | Reply

    I really want to say JLO looks better just cos she’s JLO… but i think malaika wins this one!

  2. koel at | | Reply

    Malaika for me in this one !

    I might change my opinion if you show the back shot… bcoz nobody dares to beat dear JLO’s derriere !

  3. gaga at | | Reply

    although i’m a big fan of jlo’s style, especially on the red carpet, this round goes to mallika. she oozes sex appeal.
    prefer jlo’s shoes over mallika’s.

  4. frutu at | | Reply

    malaika luks fab…her clutch goes very wel with d dress….i cant even think ov comparing jlo with malaika

  5. rahul at | | Reply

    Malaika looks fabulous

  6. rahul at | | Reply

    Malaika Looks fabulous what a body .. i am jealous

  7. rahul at | | Reply

    Malaika is very hot

  8. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I like J-Lo’s hair better. The dress fits better on Malaika.

  9. zeee at | | Reply

    JLo looks stunning + Maliaka’s dress seems too short

    1. ak at | | Reply

      i think malaika’s dress looks better, but i do find it odd that malaika’s dress is shorter – she is clearly shorter than bth jlo and the runway model, so you would think the dress would come down longer on her. i wonder if she had it altered or bunched it up a little more to shorten it…

  10. msmeow at | | Reply

    Mallika actually rocked this one. Her lovely tresses look way better than Jennifer’s.

  11. Stuti at | | Reply

    Malaika! I hate that two tone hair on Jennifer, and the way she is posing. “I’m too fierce for my shoes(literally!)”
    Also, say what you will about Malaika, but the woman is hot, and can make Cancan heels look okay. :)

    1. amber at | | Reply

      i agree! malaika is HOT!! also agree abt jlos posing, not just here, but everywhere!

  12. Amber at | | Reply


  13. Orchee at | | Reply

    Considering that both these women are on the other side of 20 (and 30), and are mothers, the fact that they have the galls to don this dress and even pull it of is laudable. You go girls.

    1. Sharin at | | Reply

      So true. I think Malaika looks hotter in this dress but Jennifer is styled better. Jennifer looks more like a star/A-lister with an actual “look” and fashion sense whereas Malaika just always wants to look hot so she never really takes chances with makeup or hair. She always looks “club pretty”.

      1. sri at | | Reply

        second that

  14. Zee at | | Reply

    Mallika is certainly the better looking one here. But I think JLO’s makeup looks better.
    Indian celebs have a long way to go when it comes to make up.
    I am not liking kohl’ed eyes and colored lips with this dress, it not a high fashion look.

  15. pamela at | | Reply

    I vote for JLO this time round-if only because I LOATHE those LV heels!Even Malaika can’t make them look good.

    1. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

      Really? I thought Maliaka’s heels were bad too then I caught sight of JLo’s blinged out monstrosities and decided that Malaika was much better off :-)

  16. annie at | | Reply

    J. Lo’s style comes off as trashy no matter what she wears. Malaika looks so gorgeous.. I love her hair and makeup.

    1. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

      Agree about J.Lo’s style being… rather unrefined. I once saw a picture of her in a uber- plunging, sultry necklined kaftan that was otherwise casual and breezy and almost died of laughter. Not that I think low necklines are inappropriate at all, but on a casual KAFTAN?

      Its pretty much standard issue on all her outfits (low necklines that is) and like I said about Maliaka, constant in-your-face-sex-appeal gets a little boring, just like constant demurity (ala Vidya Balan) gets bland and snooze-inducing after a while. Change it up ladies

  17. lazyU at | | Reply

    wow! Malika wins this hands down.. There is no comparison.. JLO’s fit is just OFF

  18. VVVVVVV at | | Reply

    Wow. Miss Arora, will you…marry me haha!

  19. Protyasha at | | Reply

    Heidi Klum also was seen in the same dress. Seems unfair to leave her out, no?

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