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  1. Enne at | | Reply

    she should def. wear this style again and again. i had no idea her waist was so trim!

  2. PC at | | Reply

    Vowww what a change from all the Raas Garba like sarees she was spotted in lately..She looks lovely.. Keep it up Mads..

  3. Naina at | | Reply

    Wow, her stylist got it right! Loving the body language too, she looks amazing

  4. tina at | | Reply

    Finally she’s picked clothes that take away the saas bahu serial aunty look she’s always doing with those hideous saris.

    Next should be a deep, dark hair color and change of lipstick from whatever terrible brownish color she’s using.

  5. RM at | | Reply

    WOW WOW…. Madhuri sure is changing it up… Love it that she is moving out of her comfort zone of Sarees and Suits…

  6. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Wow, has she lost weight??? Totally working that dress, looks gorgeous!!!

  7. vin at | | Reply

    nicely done….

  8. Anon at | | Reply

    She looks nice. But (& i may get brick bats for this) there’s something that I can’t put a finger on that doesn’t make the chic look that she’s trying to achieve complete!
    Sridevi & madhuri are from the same generation n the former gets it right most of the time but mads try as she might with her Zara blazers n designer dresses misses.
    I’m gonna go with pointing out the hair as the culprit.

  9. Puneeta at | | Reply

    Her waist is tiny! Wow :)

  10. Tana at | | Reply

    O lal laa!! U like! yet im tempted enough to love! :D :P
    wish she’d mix up things this way a lil more often! :)

  11. Asha1 at | | Reply

    Wow – usually i never think this about anyone but she actually looks better like this than in desi wear, sarees ect. She always looks so dated in those but is managing to look young and fresh in this!

  12. suzieq at | | Reply

    she looks lovely and chic !!!!

  13. suzieq at | | Reply

    she looks chic !!!!

  14. PHAT at | | Reply

    pretty and elegant…

  15. jo at | | Reply

    I love, simple elegant and doesn’t highlight her sloping shoulders. Doesn’t make her look too busty either. She should wear stuff like this more often.

    1. Ash at | | Reply

      I totally agree with you!
      The sarees seem to highlight the shoulder line.
      Another observation – her legs have never looked so pretty! I think there is some serious work going on on the body!

  16. Asha at | | Reply


  17. slc at | | Reply

    I think Madhuri looks fab. Wish she had tied her hair up.

  18. s at | | Reply


  19. Nina at | | Reply

    Kristen Stewart wore the runway version (however the length was shorten).

  20. Bindas at | | Reply

    Wow – if she can look like this, why does she choose to usually look otherwise? 2 thumbs up!

    1. Bindas at | | Reply

      Oh, I don’t really like the shoes, but overall, this is the best she has ever looked in recent times.

  21. $ at | | Reply

    Usually i dont like this pretty lady in western BUT this time its a different game altogether…she is looking really GOOD..she is looking so refreshing in last pic !!

  22. wtf? at | | Reply

    Madhuri chuck the blingy shit and stick to this. PLEASE.

  23. MARY at | | Reply

    YES! Madhuri looking fresh and so so pretty Love it!

  24. NP at | | Reply

    now that’s what I had been talking about…I knew Madhuri could pull of dresses like these…she looks so pretty and elegant…hoping that there will be many more youthful looks from her and her stylist :)

  25. Aru at | | Reply

    Love! Just, simply, LOVE!
    Good job Tanya Ghavri!

  26. Fashionista at | | Reply

    I love the dress she is wearing and for the first time I’m kinda loving her in a western outfit ..she looks comfortable and her make up is also Jus GREAT !!

  27. yubba_dubba at | | Reply

    yababy!! she looks gawjus!!

  28. OrangeJammies at | | Reply

    Love! So elegant. Not a fan of the white belt, but it warrants a blind eye because the overall look is fresh, age-appropriate, and doesn’t firmly plant her in the Paleolithic era.

  29. Tee at | | Reply

    My jaw just dropped! She looks so hot!

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