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  1. Padma at | | Reply

    Reals Mads: Popsicles or whatever…she is gorgeous!!! I wish I look as good as she does when I am in my 40s (no nose jobs, no boob job, no short skirts and no cougar look)

    Wax Mads: Wish they had waxed a younger version of MD in one of her memorable roles like the purple saree from Hum Aapke.. or a Devdas look…but hey it’s Madhuri and I love it!!

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    2. Ananya at | | Reply

      Seriously agree !!So beautiful and charming at this age !!! Love that smile which adds that extra glow to her face:))

  2. shradha at | | Reply

    The sari on the statue is YUCKKKK. Atleast the yellow sari looks better than that one

  3. Neha at | | Reply

    both the saris look weird…she could have chosen sooo many saris better than these..:D..but atleast the wax statue looks a lot like her unlike Kareena’s..

  4. dee at | | Reply

    I like the way the real Madhuri looks in this one. The saree though blingy is quite pretty. She wears her best accessory, her smile very well too.

  5. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I actually love the sarees and she has worn them perfectly. The hair not so much. But still it makes a beautiful picture.

  6. deewani at | | Reply

    Oh why did they ruin her gorgeous smile? If I were in Madhuri’s palce I would be sulking for the huge wrinkle on the left..

  7. RS at | | Reply

    The statue’s too pale but a good likeness. I love Madhuri in this yellow sari. Her smile is so bright. She’s beautiful.

  8. joga at | | Reply

    it seems more like that the saree’s replica was goin to the Madame Tussauds rather than madhury. her face is almost lost in all those blings

  9. Peet at | | Reply

    Probably the most life like statue till date by tussauds.

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  10. Ena at | | Reply

    She’s so lovely. Now if only she wasnt always styled to look like she was on her way to a wedding.

  11. Nisha B at | | Reply

    i love the traditional jewelry that she wore..and oh the wax figure looks much better than kareena’s..

  12. rajvi at | | Reply

    the statue looks like a firang version of her lol!..so wite washed

  13. NR at | | Reply

    All am thinking when looking at her wax statue is..it’s by far the best..truly captured the beautiful actor and her famous smile…What grace!! cant’ believe even a wax statue can reflect the graceful diva.. and No ..am not thinking Popsicles.

  14. Ash at | | Reply

    Madhuris looking a little ‘waxy’ herself here! I used to think she was the height of beauty and fashion back in the good ole days but shes looking so dated, its a shame as shes still a beautiful women. Wish she’d take a few style tips from her contemporary sridevi. Now theres someone who looks both stylish and modern regardless of age.

  15. ciara at | | Reply

    She’s sooo beautiful! That smile!!

  16. RUCHii at | | Reply

    the only thing worth commenting is Mad’s smile

  17. Beenz at | | Reply

    I think the smile on the statue should have been wider & brighter. Also, I wish they would have picked a better saree for the statue as well :(

  18. SMV at | | Reply

    That’s one perfect statue I have seen ever done by Madam Tussad’s…Ash, Salman and Amitab’s doesnt look that real.

    The statue and the real deal…both are gorgeous.

  19. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    The statue doesn’t do justice to the real lady at all

  20. zzzz at | | Reply

    looks way better than the statue they made of kareena

  21. PC at | | Reply

    So does not look like her!

  22. sophia at | | Reply

    That Statue does NOT look like Madhuri! Why so white?

  23. angl at | | Reply

    the statue minimized her most beautiful feature-her big beautiful smile! the only indian celebrity whose statue looks good is Hrithik Roshan.

  24. annie at | | Reply

    which one is the real madhuri? the pink or the yellow one?

  25. chandani at | | Reply

    Hideous sari bit she’s so beautiful….sighhh!

  26. G at | | Reply

    The wax figure looks a bit like Minissha Lamba :-/

  27. shilpi at | | Reply

    Wax Statue of Madhuri looks like a mix of beyonce & mads, such a shame , she is a real beauty

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      Oh my. I thought the same as well. The statue has eerie resemblance to Beyonce!

  28. leonine lion at | | Reply

    she looks pretty in the yellow!!

  29. z at | | Reply

    All the statues of the b-wood actors are white washed…probably by request or to flatter them. In my opinion, they would all look much better with some color. Most white people wouldn’t want to be portrayed this white – but our Indian folks figure the whiter the better.

  30. aparna b at | | Reply

    i think they did the statue well, looks closer to madhuri when compared to other celebrity status like aishwarya or kareena’s.

    But should have made a statue from Hum Apke or from someother movie of hers.

    Also Madame Tussaudes in not able to capture the Indian complexion well.

  31. shwetha at | | Reply

    Egad….that’s no Madhuri man
    It looks like they started working on a Madonna statue and concerted into a Mahuri while quicky filling in the front teeth gap.

    Madhudi was probably fuming inside behind the pretty smile.

    Dont even get me talking about the soap star, OTT gujji behenji saree

  32. HK at | | Reply

    This is the most lifelike statue yet! They look so alike and the smile is captured perfectly! The eyes look a little different but still, the real and the waxed are almost identical!
    Also why are people on this blog saying Madhuri looks dated when we all know she looks so graceful in Indian clothes. That’s what she’s comfortable in and it shows. If she were to turn up looking like Sridevi in Western outfits, she would be deemed “trying to hard”.

  33. Sp at | | Reply

    The regal queen of Btown is missing. Want to see the gorgeous Hema Malini stationed there

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