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  1. FashionVictim at | | Reply

    I think her make-up in the last picture is making all the difference!!

    1. Aaroohii at | | Reply

      Exactly- the makeup makes her look better there! The clothes on the sets aren’t great..her real life clothes r much better.
      she only needs to hire the makeup artist.

      1. Amy at | | Reply

        Completely agree. I also think the makeup makes all the difference. All the 3 outfits are pretty meh. The heavy use of bronzer in the first 2 pics take away a lot. she looks so fresh and dewy in the last pic, makes her look a lot younger.

  2. NLC at | | Reply

    Madhoo looks pretty OK in all the outfits. It is just the makeup that makes a difference in the third. You seem to prefer the caked up look

  3. omg at | | Reply

    i quite like the maxi look.. definitely an improvement when compared to her past appearances

  4. monika at | | Reply

    she looks so pretty in that suit :)

  5. kasthuri at | | Reply

    love that chudidhar look so much.

  6. Slc at | | Reply

    They are all decent outfits actually. She has even managed to wear the same shade of black in the first pic! Kurti outfit is my fav, except I want to rip off the shades from the top of her head!

  7. soumya at | | Reply

    Why is she always caught with those shades on the head? So want to know where i can buy that kurta

  8. Paroma at | | Reply

    She looks great in the last pic

  9. A at | | Reply

    she looks good. i dont know about hiring a stylist to pick a kurta and churidaars.

  10. missplaced at | | Reply

    a STYLIST for the kurta look??? its so basic dat if she needs a stylist for dat, dere’s a serious problem… dere’s never a personal touch to her attire and never a style statement made!! she shud stick to such no-brainer kurta looks, works for her!!!

  11. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    I’d love to own that kurta. I’ve never understood why slim women shy away from loose clothes. They’re the ones who can afford to wear them without looking like tents. I’ve never liked Madhoo in dresses because her legs are too skinny. I like her in the last pic even though she’s clearly caked with makeup.

  12. Pillow at | | Reply

    Even though the makeup is best in the last the outfit is not great

  13. tosh at | | Reply

    She has a heck of a body for being a mom. show off those legs n figure girl!

  14. Ravina at | | Reply

    The label is eka

  15. Bsimple at | | Reply

    She pulls off the maxi and kurta look pretty well…Amazing how much of a difference makeup makes! Those cheekbones don’t need to be painted…only need a touch up of blush ;)

  16. karishma at | | Reply

    she’s a pretty girl but her make up in everyday life lets her down. i love her in the kurta.

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