In Monisha Jaising


We may not like the snake-skin print much (which found a fan in Sophie too) but who cares, it is just wonderful to see Lisa out and about!

Our prayers and wishes are always with her! Catch Lisa’s blog where she writes about her fight with Multiple Myeloma here.


Left: Monisha Jaising
Right: Lisa Ray at Rado Store in Bangalore

Photo Credit: Yahoo


  1. i admire her spirit. what an inspirational lady. its tough to maintain dignity and have a sense of humour when your fitting a ‘critical illness’
    but lisa does it oh so well . Lisa definitely championing the cause of MULTIPLE MYELOMA i am sure there will be a cure for it soon and i pray to god for a her speedy recovery.

  2. she looks bob and the dress hugs her curves fabulously and it’s great that the neckline doesn’t have the detailing it does on the model- looks better without it.
    and just for the record, the “chubbiness” aka Cushingoid facies, is not due to the illness itself but secondary to the treatment she’s taking (i.e. steroids) to combat the condition.


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