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  1. KJ at | | Reply

    I love the gold belt actually. It goes so nicely with her bangles and she looks lovely.

    1. meria at | | Reply

      purple and gold looks good…

    2. SULPHUR at | | Reply

      Exactly ! I love the gold belt as well, only wish she has used a thinner one (like the one the model is using) and not sucha chunkier one ..
      purple belt on purple ? naay.. too much.

  2. Gayathri at | | Reply

    Gaudy?! Really? She has colour coordinated her accessories in Gold – bangles, footwear, neckpiece and earrings in addition to the belt. Whats not to love?! She looks particularly great in Pic No.3

    1. mary at | | Reply

      I know! gaudy is the last thing this ensemble actually is. It is beautiful and understated and Lara has a fantastic figure which nicely fills out everything she wears.

  3. nne1030 at | | Reply

    Wee bit Gaudy you can’t go half assed with being gaudy IMHO. But Laura looks ok here the color is lovely but the belt is whatever. BTW love this blog its sooo much fun!

  4. R at | | Reply

    Love the look. I like the gold belt. It elevates the look; the belt on the model makes the outfit look more casual.

  5. crab at | | Reply

    Gaudy? I think the belt breaks the monochromaticity(is that a word?) of the suit. In fact, it looks better on her than the model.

  6. shireen at | | Reply

    Love it – the gold offers a nice contrast and ties it all in. Yeahhhh for outfits that don’t break the bank but look like a million bucks!

  7. Smitha at | | Reply

    Funny how her pose in the 1st pic is very similar to the model’s!

  8. SMV at | | Reply

    I love the color and the belt and lara and her glow.
    I mean, seriously , she is positively glowing and owns that look , whats not to like. Lara always gets it right, I am a big fan of her style

  9. Sheikha at | | Reply

    Why would it be a surprise that Lara shops from Victorias Secret? Some of the clothes are quite nice actually. The jumpsuit looks quite classy yet fun.

  10. rvc at | | Reply

    I mean, if Lara can’t wear a jersey jumpsuit, I don’t know who can.

  11. sherry at | | Reply

    yeah, even i didn’t quite get what’s wrong with Victoria’s Secret?

  12. Neelu at | | Reply

    Just because the model wore it, it doesn’t make it any better! I’m sure you would have said the other way around, had the model worn a gold belt and Lara the matching one!! :D

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