1. Undoubtedly DRAB……………….that ruche looks so wierd. First I thought that dress doesnt mean to wear off- shouldered and just because she wore it that way, the ruche is the middle got streched in the right…It looks hedious.

  2. i hate pale looking colours and that includes this dress.. it just merges with her skin tone, doesnt it?

    i think this lady needs to get a control on the edgy look she tries to give her dresses.

  3. she has nice legs and what i thought of first was the belt..maybe another kind ..perhaps a thicker one in a darker color would have looked better.

  4. i think the dress would have worked without the ruche. the belt is hideous though – a thick dark brown or burnt gold belt would have supplemented the plain dress really well. and wish her earrings were better too, not those weird squarish red things

  5. P&P, you’re being too generous. Everything about the look, from the flat hair and barfugly earrings to the ruche that unsettlingly draws attention to her lady bits – all of it spells WTHeyyy. In orange neon.

  6. Wait up, its fine (not great, but fine)…waist down…WTHEyyy I can’t help but think that something went wrong with the ruche when she belted herself? Why would it swerve around like that??


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