At Berlin Film Festival

If you didn’t know Aamir Khan is part of the jury at the 61st Berlin Film Festival and tonight walked the red carpet of the True Grit screening with wife Kiran. We, of course, love seeing traditional outfits at international events and while they may not have been glitzy, we think they looked adorable.

Update: Kiran is in Sabyasachi. Thanks ‘Joseph‘.

Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan at True Grit Screening
at 61st Berlin Film Festival

Photo Credit: Daylife

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  1. Ruchii at | | Reply

    am surprised that this is the same lady who wore one weird outfit after another in last few appearances..they both look so elegant..

    1. Manny at | | Reply

      Same thoughts and i couldn’t believe myself at first glance…….she does look really lovely and elegant.

  2. CK at | | Reply

    Loved Kiran’s suit.

    1. jiji at | | Reply

      I know right?! Wow, Kiran! i’m amazed! This is probably the best she has ever looked on this blog! As for Aamir, i’m not keen on western shoes paired with Indian clothes.

  3. genie at | | Reply

    What’s with Aamir’s shoes? I think that just killed the look for me. Office wear shoes with a bandhgala???? He is looking so great feet up.

    Kiran looks gorgeous.

    1. Ragu at | | Reply

      I agree, bad shoe choice. a pair of off white loafers and tighter ‘pants’ ( no idea what they call those) would have worked wonders.

    2. ak at | | Reply

      i thought that about his shoes, too, but it must be freezing in berlin, so i had to let that pass ;)

      1. purple at | | Reply

        It was freezing – really windy and approximately -2 C at that point.

  4. ak at | | Reply

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! they BOTH look fab and, thankfully, in sync. kiran’s outfit is somewhat sabya, but if it is tahiliani, i wish he would give us more of these looks – he usually hits the nail when he does full on desi. love!

  5. Amber at | | Reply

    This is exactly how you represent your country abroad with pride and perfection! What a lovely, lovely couple, looking absolutely amazing. Brought a huge smile to my face!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      DITTO !! Well said !

      They both look perfect and so event appropriate and it is also suitable for Berlin weather in Feb. Best appearance from an Indian (Kiran) in an international industry event to date for me.

    2. npm at | | Reply

      Totally agree!

    3. zoyi at | | Reply

      Yep, completely true. How nice is kiran looking for a change? In fact she looked very good even at Imran and Avantika’s reception. Why didn’t you feature Kiran, Saira banu, Priyanka chopra , preity zinta from that event? They all looked very good, saw come pics on another website.

      1. Sareena at | | Reply

        I agree with you amber! Both looking amazing..

  6. saristyle at | | Reply

    very very cute……

  7. cooks at | | Reply

    Yes. they both look lovely. I love Kiran’s outfit.

  8. Vanaja at | | Reply

    Both are dressed ver apt for the event. Clean and sober, love it head to toe. Bling free…..what a relief!

  9. ss at | | Reply

    Cute….the dakooo looks smashing!

  10. javajive at | | Reply

    they both look quite fab!

  11. bindu at | | Reply

    really adorable…and classy.

  12. KD at | | Reply

    LOVE their outfits minus the shoes.

    I wish she’d trade in those glasses for contacts just once for a change if nothing else.

    1. purple at | | Reply

      Not everybody can wear contacts – my mother can’t. She has deformed cornea and always wears glasses. Cut her some slack – glasses are her style – they are anything but ugly.

  13. Divya Ramanan at | | Reply

    KIran looks radiant!!!

  14. Sowmya at | | Reply

    kiran is lookin just too good! i love her salwar!

    1. Bsimple at | | Reply

      Here we go again…I think you meant Kurta?

      1. nzgirl at | | Reply

        Genuine question..whats the difference between the salwar and kurta?

        1. Megha at | | Reply

          salwar is the bottom
          kurta is the top

  15. NR at | | Reply

    Amir looks simply fantastic…ohh the beard-mustache look suits him I agree..the attire is well suited too..n kirans’ jacket (I think) is quite likeable too..together..the two look perfect..

    I am soooo loving them!!!

  16. dn at | | Reply

    Fantastic!! They look great! Love Indian outfits on the International red carpet, and especially thrilling when done this well.

  17. Anu C at | | Reply

    Love love love! Both of them look adorable.

  18. Dits at | | Reply

    Oh , very nice. I like.

    Kiran also looks very cute!

  19. Priti at | | Reply

    What’s not to Love..head to toe sophistication…Well Done! Do they have a stylist?

  20. Aania at | | Reply

    She is looking nice for a change

  21. Trinket at | | Reply


  22. nina at | | Reply

    fabulous duo!

  23. navya at | | Reply

    Kiran looks absolutely beautiful. She has such glowing skin. I am so glad she did not wear her usual weird clothes. I love the fact that she keeps her glasses on and does not go the usual contact lens route.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Agree w every word you said.

  24. Pranx at | | Reply

    I looooouveeee what she is wearing and how they both are complimenting each other

  25. padma at | | Reply

    lovely! kiran looks awesome.

  26. precious at | | Reply

    they look great..however they look like they’re at a wedding!

  27. diptiN at | | Reply

    they both look adorable. love their outfits, especially the khaki green part of Kiran’s outfit. Is that a vest? beautiful color and embroidery work

  28. hsap at | | Reply

    omg , so so adorable , love them here , hope their fab run cotinue…………………..This desi mens attire i.e; SHERWANI is my absolute-all time- favorite, my husband has one designer sherwani and he look his dapper best in it , and now Aamir is wearing one ,awwwwwwwwwww

  29. Sud at | | Reply

    Thank God they had some senses to avoid chamku clothes…i think this is the best look of whatever i have seen of Kiran…classy suits her.. she shud stick to it… Aamir looks good even though those shoes are wrong for the outfit!!

  30. Payal at | | Reply

    I think Kiran is looking fab except for her footwear..and yeah it does look like a Sabya creation..But…she looks fab and radiant and glowing…And they are rocking as a couple..except for their footwear..

  31. Harita at | | Reply

    Finallly kiran roa Dressed upto the occasion. Both of them looking smashing!

  32. RS at | | Reply

    They look so adorable.Perfect. Kiran nailed it for once and Aamir is so dapper. She is GLOWING.

  33. Rushil at | | Reply

    FINALLY!! kiran looks beautiful!! she finally has a decent stylist! and Aamir toh uff tauba!! as sexy as ever! love this french beard look!

  34. j at | | Reply

    PnP she is wearing a shawl and a koti jacket both by Sabyasachi from his last collection.

  35. ash at | | Reply

    kiran looks so much better than her recent wedding appearances, the outfit is beautiful; it may even be a Sabyasachi? It looks classy.

  36. Clueless at | | Reply

    Thank you Kiran for keeping your glasses on! I really like the fact that you are confident about yourself and dont feel the need to conform to people’s idea of what is expected at these kind of events.

    If people who dont wear prescription glasses can wear frames cause it is ‘cool’ or ‘on trend’ etc.. i dont see why people who actually need them cant wear them at all times!

  37. Sabita at | | Reply

    I love what they are wearing and was wondering about the shoes Aamir wore and then realised that it was in Berlin at night…should be pretty cold…

  38. Megha at | | Reply

    I think this is the best Kiran has ever looked.
    I don’t agree about the contacts – i think the glasses look cute
    (also there are some people who are not able to wear contacts – wish it wasn’t brought up every time kiran is on the blog)

  39. raman narula at | | Reply

    why she didn’t wear this at Imran’s reception? She was a complete mess that day.

  40. Chanellover at | | Reply

    Shes wearing Sabyasachi..

  41. nisha at | | Reply

    both of them look soo fab!!

  42. chitown-fashionista at | | Reply

    Fabulous!!! She is glowing – and looks adorable in her outfit. She needs to do this kind of look more often. And always love seeing a man in a bandgala. They really look like great ambassadors.

  43. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Finally! This is how you represent! Kiran pleasantly surprised me and she packs a punch w/ her simple dressing sense, fresh glowing skin and fitted, desi wear…now, if only we could rewind time and forget the mess at Imran’s wedding… and Aamir is the perfect foil…they both look so cute together! Hope to see them like THIS more often :)

  44. sanjana at | | Reply

    Looks like Aamir showered and made Kiran very happy:) They look so good together!

  45. H at | | Reply

    not just Kiran, but I am glad to see AK in traditional wear!

  46. suchi at | | Reply

    finally a nice looking sabya outfit. aamir looks great as usual

  47. saristyle at | | Reply

    omg!!! these many comments……yeyeyey!!! P&P congo…hehe

  48. kanika at | | Reply

    hate aamir’s shoes

  49. bongbabe at | | Reply

    very nicely done, kiran :)

  50. supri at | | Reply

    both look awesome…..AK looks so cuuteee

  51. jharna at | | Reply


  52. ANA at | | Reply


  53. meria at | | Reply

    they both look perfect!

  54. Madhulika at | | Reply

    This is so refreshing.
    Is Kiran’s dupatta cotton or georgette or something else?

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