1. even though i dont like the yellowness of Malaika’s outfit, i dont really like the shade of yellow of this outfit either. its definitely classier but it doesnt have that ‘look again’ appeal. the bodice design is nice though.

  2. by the way, absolutely love this site ever since i came across it last week or so. i come to see if there are updates several times. lol. :)

  3. I think this outfit would’ve looked much better if it was a Canary Yellow and instead of black, the strap should’ve been white or the same canary yellow.

  4. I really like this yellow. I think I like the yellow of malaika’s dress but the side boobage and the shinyness of it all made it look so tacky.

  5. The only thing I didn’t like is the neckline, could have done something else, or just chop of the neckline and make it stapless. The diamond earing isn’t looking too appealing as well.

  6. This lemon color is too virginal and the chiffon makes it too beauty pagenty. On the other hand the strappy stuff is too “bondage”. I dont think this half arsed mix works at all.

    Passable but not one of her great choices.


  7. can’t confirm.. but it probably is.. the black extends to a belt that ties at the back and that is a classic G and N feature..


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