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  1. Su at | | Reply

    The color sure is nice, but the design is super messy! Did you guys miss the pearl chains under the mesh? Sooo UGH! And the long tassles belong on ornate curtains….

    1. Anu at | | Reply

      yea the pearl mesh is ugly…and I really dislike the velvet sherwani on saif…though he looks pretty young and fit in pics…why is kareena posing like that though? like she’s doing an item number on the ramp and she’s glued on to saif…her make-up looks nice, not OTT…but I dislike the lehenga,very boring and it looks like sth we’ve seen her wear in films

      1. HK at | | Reply

        If you’re talking about the top left picture, that’s because Saif pulled her to him, hence the pose, not deliberate.

  2. preeti at | | Reply

    I wish instead of seeing Saifeena all the time I could see Salrina like this…oh well. I like the color of that outfit and that’s about it….

    I think I’m just sick and tired of all this Manish Malhotra and Saifeena I’ve been seeing on HHC lately. :(

  3. pencil at | | Reply

    kareena looks drop dead gorgeous….as ever! love her style!

  4. kitschy gal at | | Reply

    gawwdd…. those pearl strings are beyond awful!!!

  5. kd at | | Reply

    ehhhh..neither impresses

  6. mag at | | Reply

    WOW THEY LOOK WOW!!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!

  7. SS at | | Reply

    Blue Velvet Sherwani: Tacy, dull pink messy lehenga with that terrible expression : even worse, both of them together : no words can express!

  8. hasina at | | Reply

    very tacky, the outfit looks incomplete.

  9. bedazzled at | | Reply

    The first pic reminds me of the pose she gave with shahid a few years ago on the runway. Its the same pose but a different guy :) I love Saif’s attire, he looks cool. Kareena looks same same old, we have seen her numerous times in this color.

  10. Azul at | | Reply

    Wow.. I never thought I’d say this, but KK looks nice!

    Hate her choli though.

  11. charan at | | Reply

    Is that a baby pink velvet lehenga!!!??? Tooks tacky all the way… just because he decided to not blind us this one time, doesnt mean it looks classy. And saif, the less we the comment is better.

  12. Lolita at | | Reply

    Does Saif only look super uncomfortable to me?
    Why is he standing like that?

  13. Arati at | | Reply

    Didn’t like the kite shaped blobs on her lehenga, the color is nice though.

  14. annies at | | Reply

    both of them look horribly fake n yuckkk – th lehenga is lovely though, wouldnt mind wearing it

  15. Pri at | | Reply

    Wow Kareena looks amazing here!!!! The lehenga is alright, I don’t particularly loove it but she looks WOW

  16. sri at | | Reply

    they both look good here irrespective of the clothes..this girl needs to stand in dignity and not stick to men like that!

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