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  1. parul at | | Reply

    One word for the look – meh!

  2. ss at | | Reply

    “..sees Kareena on the couch with cousin Ranbir Kapoor in a pink strapless Monisha Jaising gown”..the sentence construction had me chuckling :D.
    Ranbir in a pink strapless gown is a sight even Karan Johar wouldn’t want to see ;)

    1. Jyoti at | | Reply

      “The next episode of KWK sees Kareena, on the couch with cousin Ranbir Kapoor” – also not sure if wanna be seen on a couch with my cousin. Major grammar gaffe lol. That being said I was wondering as well why do these women dress up like they are ready for red carpet but I guess that’s how all these designers get publicity

    2. Adara at | | Reply

      Buahaha. Actually Karan might love it. :P The grammar has never been a forte around here and I guess most of them have just let it pass. But it sure has given us some good laughs. ;)

      1. and at | | Reply

        A meh look but whats up with her hair?

  3. arpitha at | | Reply

    too dressed up for Koffee.
    also seen similar or same dress on her before.

  4. Ritu at | | Reply

    Pls get that pop up ad of bipasha basu’s co disabled – it’s just the most irritating thing- one needs to close over 3-4 times ( keeps popping up) before one can view your site!!!!!

    1. SM at | | Reply

      I second that… I’m so over seeing Bips hog my screen space everytime I log into HHC!!

  5. Mini at | | Reply

    Hate the pinched flesh above the bust/near the armpit area.

    1. Anon at | | Reply

      Arm-pit cleavage…lol!
      I hate it when you wear strapless and this bulges out. It looks borderline vulgar. Sorry this is a miss for kareena.

    2. sheetal at | | Reply

      agree ! it looks really terrible. Love the colour though

  6. a at | | Reply

    I don’t know why these women wear evening gowns to a talk show interview. Looks kind of silly to me.

    1. Ayeshaa at | | Reply

      It’s actually Karan who wants his guests to dress up like they’re coming to an award show !

      1. Ann at | | Reply

        Still silly. Plus the show’s name is Koffee with Karan so I am assuming they drink coffee while wearing these gowns, which doesn’t make sense.

        1. Ria at | | Reply

          Maybe they ought to call it ‘Champagne with Karan’!

          1. Malaise at |

            You mean Khampagne with Karan?

  7. DiptiN at | | Reply

    bad gown, terrible fit and so inappropriate for the show.

  8. Sukriti at | | Reply

    Agree the gown is nothing to talk about….but inappropriate? really?
    I don’t think its inappropriate…Nargis and Freida both wore gowns too, also
    deepika and sonam also wore gowns in the previous seasons
    So dont think its inappropriate at all….just meh!

  9. * at | | Reply

    Guys, I hate being the party pooper, but, I need to know. Is anyone else having trouble with The Trunk Label pop-up ad? No matter how many times I hit the close button, it won’t let me get to HHC. I have to visit The Trunk Label to be able to view anything here. Just me?

  10. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    I think Tanya Ghavri has given up Kareena’s styling to an assistant or something!

    What is this?! Also, how is Monisha Jaisingh still in business??

    Her outfits are so tacky. And when will Bebo get rid of that two toned hair?

    This is so unlike her last year’s appearance on KWK in that grey ombre saree. That was class, this is well just a lot of tack.

    ok rant over.

  11. slc at | | Reply

    I do like the color on Kareena but the gown is ill fitted. Not feeling the hair either.

  12. lulu at | | Reply

    Why is she wearing a dress from Paris Hilton’s reject pile?

  13. Bongbabe at | | Reply

    i am so over her whole “look at meeee, i am the bebooooo” look. just stop already. spoiled brat at age 30+ is not a cute look.

    1. justcasually at | | Reply

      ROFL! And soooo true!
      And that gown is so illfitting! Its amazing what passes for haute couture in Bollywood.

  14. neha at | | Reply


  15. Amani at | | Reply

    How is this gown designer? It looks like a bright colour prom dress I can pick up from a local consignment store. She could have worn something much better.

  16. Fergie at | | Reply

    The two photos on the left are heavily photoshopped. The one on the right gives a realistic view of Ms Kapoor, armpit cleavage and all.

  17. Hasp at | | Reply

    A big thanks to all who posted such funny comments that made me laugh out loud after a long & tiring day, cheers.

  18. asmozonic at | | Reply

    she seemed clearly uncomfortable with the fit..constantly kept tucking at her armpit.

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